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my little idea for GTA Online(cocaine factory,drug dealing)

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Posted 21 November 2013 - 01:12 AM

After reaching rank 120 you unlock a new contact who can build a laboratory for you,to extract the coca from the leaves and then convert the coca into cocaine,along with a field growing coca plant.It costs $1,200,000 altogether.You have to steal crystallization chemicals from other gang territories or invite friends to go with you for help,or you can purchase them through your secret contact to avoid trouble.Now you can plow,plant,and harvest in 12-24 hours or so in real-time,you have to pay for the tractor and harvester fuel.Or you can send this job to any player in session and offer him money,he may demand more payment and when both of you agree he goes to your factory for the job.Then the lab work is done by people you assign for the job,their salary depends on how pure they make the final product.You can make 20kg(worth $400,000) per batch at most.You may load it all in a van or in a car trunk and take it your house.Now you can message all players in your session to set up a deal if anyone wants to buy at wholesale price so they can resell at a higher price.Or you can have your secret contact set it up for you with a gang.You can take only 1 player with you this time to the deal to watch your back.The cocaine amount appears in kilograms at the top right corner of your screen just below your cash.You end up with around $400k after selling the whole product,now you give the lab assistants,farmers involved and your secret contact their share of the money,and end up with around $80,000 yourself.You have to wait 24 hours in real-time to start the whole process again.
You can call merryweather to send guards to protect your lab and field.

When you have sold 10 batches of cocaine and reach rank 150,you unlock meth lab which costs $7,000,000.

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