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How Much $$$ Are We Costing Rockstar

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 04:50 PM

$19,101 here.

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 04:51 PM

Over $115,000

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 04:57 PM

and yeah, if I had the power, I would perma ban all glitchers and hackers onto a special set of servers where they could play with like minded individuals for an eternity.  I'd let them keep all their ill gained GTA$, reset ALL remaining legal player accounts to $500k, and then dump all the excess GTA$ currency into this cheater/hacker server.  Divide up the excess currency evenly among the cheaters so they wouldn't feel the need to glitch--although they would still be free to do so if they wanted.


  But something tells me that even after being so generous in doing this drastic action, those servers would soon turn into cyber ghost towns.  Because all the glitchers/hackers and #yolo swag# con artists would have long since moved on to raping another online game.

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 06:20 PM

Over $156,000 so far.

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 06:35 PM

$0 because I would quit gta before paying them a single penny lol


so the potential sales is $0

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Posted 23 December 2013 - 08:53 PM



You can`t steal something that never existed. 
There is no direct correlation between ingame money and real money, since there is no way of converting them into real cash. Therefore, regardless of how much money you have / get ingame, it doesn`t cost Rockstar a penny.

So by your reasoning, the cost to operate their multimillion dollar servers (which if free to play for you btw as you don't pay a subscriber fee) is also free for R*?
How about the hundreds of engineers, techs, and IT support R* uses to maintain the servers.  Are these employees also free of charge to the company as well?
Why else would they put a real price/charge on GTA$ in the first place?
Wake up and smell the coffee bro
They made 1 Billion is sales of the game overall. 1 BILLION. Take a moment to grasp how much money that is. Enough for them to run AND optimize their servers, as well as funnel money into other projects. Your logic is invalid.
Wake up and smell the REALITY, bro.
Do you have any idea how much corporate tax R* had to pay on that 1 Billion in sales to date? Because you do of course, realize that Uncle Sam loves to spend other people's money besides its own, since we live in a capitalist economy and society?
Here's an epiphany for you: As a base rule of thumb, 1 BILLION = hundreds of millions in corporate taxes. Here in the US, that can be as high as 45% in federal and state taxes.  And that's BEFORE R* deducts mandatory expenditures for all it's overhead, exec bonuses, equipment maintenance, share holder dividends, employee salaries/labor costs etc. etc.
I work in Silicon Valley CA which is home to some of the biggest software & hardware devs in the world aka Google, Oracle, CISCO, Yahoo etc.  The average salary for an junior engineer--fresh out of college with 0-3 years of professional experience--is approx $65k-$85k per year.  The average salary for an experienced software/hardware engineer with 4+ years in the industry is around $85k to $95k+ per year. 
If exactly 1 dozen software and hardware engineers worked on SP and GTAO, that would've cost R* $1.02 Million USD in just salaries alone. Scale that up the the hundreds of engineers, QA, tech, and admin personnel who worked on both SP and GTAO.  Starting to see how $1 billion in sales could get leveled out by production, manufacturing, and maintenance costs for producing a game of this unparalled scope?
So the real question is "To date, what has been R* NET VALUE after accounting for all the expenses it cost to develop SP, GTAO AND maintain GTAO since Oct 1?  I'm pretty sure this was no where close to the order of magnitude of 1 BILLION.
Unfortunately however, we don't have the ability to answer this question, since R* is a privately held company and not traded on the NASDAQ or NYSE.
It's YOU who need to wake up and smell the expresso Bro. Preferably in the real world where chrome tanks and adders driven by immature middle school children and teenagers aren't rampaging and infesting the streets.
And yes, having a career working in the real world would've really helped avoid such a myopic and ignorant response.

Your fogetting rockstar is a global company, they don't just put all there eggs in one basket.

They will have business accounts all over the world and mainly have the most cash in the countries which tax the least.

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