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stop trying to force cash cards, you're smarter than that R*

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  • GraniteDevil

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 01:52 PM

Time to wake up and face real life, OP.

  • danowat

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 01:52 PM

Payouts for deathmatches have been significantly increased, it's now quite a decent avenue to making $

  • Furry_Monkey

    I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy t-shirt

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 01:52 PM

You know what I hate?  I hate the fact that I spent my own personal time toiling and planting and at the end of it, when I'd dug up my vegetables and sat down to eat them, the c*nt next to me had just bought his.  This is so f*cking unfair and unrealistic that I think I'll start a thread about it and whine :(

  • Euphorica


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 01:55 PM Edited by Euphorica, 20 November 2013 - 01:56 PM.

Yes, Rockstar made clear that GTAO was about the money and they said this and that about GTAO having it's own economy and all the rest of it. Then they failed to deliver.

  • daalni

    yep, i will stoop as low as you to make my point. suck it.

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 02:05 PM

I know it's fun to troll guys...  but you're trolling me without reading what I'm writing.  I have nothing against cash cards.   I DON'T NEED MONEY.  I'M FINE.


just because it isn't your problem doesn't make it A problem.  and I'm not like you little trolling bitches in here.. I don't just come whine like a bitch about my problems.. I don't have a problem with it personally AND I provide solutions.  thanks for playing though.  maybe if you actually read threads you won't look like such asses. 

  • Phyxsius-

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 02:10 PM

instead of pissing everyone off with lowered payouts, they simply need to add more expensive items to the game.



Same thing. Makes no difference either way if you need 100 missions for a tank, let`s say. Irrelevant if the tank is more expensive or not, if the time unit stays the same.

  • LordBest

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 04:13 PM

I might have to buy one my enity i spent weeks to get just dissapaered.

  • screwloose88


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Posted 20 November 2013 - 04:18 PM

RP for doing missions should be higher imo, it seems really lower.

some cash payouts from race's are pathetic

  • dannybohy

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 04:19 PM

I have bought a few cash cards! support the Devs. 

however! when they come to paid for DLC, if they try to release anything as weak as the Beach Bum again they can go f*ck! 

  • SKaREO

    Mack Pimp

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 04:51 PM

Whoever is feeding this farm of inbred pigs should just stop. it's not doing the world any favors to keep this lot of degenerate n**ers alive.

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