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Posted 18 November 2013 - 08:21 PM Edited by GxStorm, 16 December 2013 - 04:55 PM.

GTA IV ProReal Mod





GTA IV ProReal Mod takes advantage of the huge modding community around the GTA series. (Mainly gtainside.com and gta4mods.com)

GTA IV is full of potential, but it's also full of problems. We try to focus on certain game aspects, and improve the overall user experience.

We focus on 3 major aspects of GTA IV. Those being Graphics; Gameplay; Performance.

We gather mods around the mod community and try to fulfill and improve these aspects along the way.

We take no credits of the mods included. Credits go to all the mod makers mentioned in the following websites (www.gtainside.com) / (wwwgta4mods.com)


System Requirements


CPU: Quad-Core

RAM: 4GB Recommended

GPU: 768MB minimum VRAM ( Someone tested out on a 768MB GPU and the game ran ok ) - 1GB Recommended





Before Installing...

EFLC NOTE: Steam updates the game automatically to version The mod doesn't work with that version of GTA IV.

EFLC Users: Follow this method - Link Here


1. Install GTA IV ( A fresh install is recommended )

2. Update GTA IV to version - Link Here

3. Backup the Grand Theft Auto IV directory to your desktop or wherever you please.


Installing the Mod

Once everything is set up as mentioned above...

1. Simply extract the contents of the .rar file into the backed up or the original directory and overwrite as asked


Extra Tips

- Update your drivers - Driver Booster - Link Here

- Clean your computer - CCleaner - Link Here

- Defrag your hard drive - Smart Defrag - Link Here

- Kill unneded apps in the background





Q: GTA IV won't even start now!
A: Make sure you don't have any monitoring software on the background ( FRAPS; Afterburner )

Q: My game is too bright!
A: You're either not on version, or the two xlive.dll aren't in the GTA IV directory

Q: Textures are missing in some places!
A: It's a common issue with the game, make sure you meet the requirements, and have plenty of VRAM. Make sure your settings aren't too high.

Q: The game crashes 5 minutes into the game
A: The mod comes with custom cars, so if you have any kind of car parked outside of safehouses before installing the mod, remove them and save your game. You probably need to use your backup and do that.



Mod Contents


1. ENB Series - Gives the game a total different kind of visuals, making the game much more attractive.

- Performance Wise - It has the ENB in the tag, but It's very performance friendly.

- Custom Motion Blur - Gives a great fluid feel to the game. More attractive visuals. Makes low FPS feel smooth and fluid.

- SweetFX - A very very slight addition of sweetfx. No performance hits.

- Road Textures - Lord Neophytes Road Textures. Good looking and performance wise.

- New Glass Effect - Cool bullet impact effects on glass.

- Tweaked Water - Not a very important tweak, yet a nice touch to the game.


2. Car Pack - Let's be honest. Rockstar made-up cars aren't very attractive.

- Quality Car Pack - Chosen by me, trying to find the balance between Quality-Performance.

- Performance Wise - Vehicle models file size are kept under 3.5MB each, to preserve performance. Vehicles.img file is kept under 300MB.

- Handling; CarColors; Effects - All cars have unique handlings. They are faster and more "Down to Earth". Suspensions are stiffer in all cars....etc.


3. Scripts - A Scripthook is uncluded for this section to work. Scripts enhance the game in several aspects.

- Speedometer - Enhances the GTA HUD. Blends in with the radar. Discret yet awesome.

- RPM Gauge - Another great addition to the HUD. Blends in great as well.

- Arrest Warrant - Standard GTA IV cops are stupid. This script enhances the cops actions. They can pull you over for several kinds of felonies. Link Here

- Deadly Wrecks - Flying through the windshield is cool yeah. This adds damage when you crash. You have the option to wear a seatbelt. Link Here

- Weapon Weight - Logic. The more weapons you carry, the slower niko runs. Link Here

- Simple Native Trainer - In-game cheat engine. God mode, Car Spawning, Animations...Hells your playground. Link Here

- Real Traffic - Good Taxi bug fix. No missing textures.


4. Sounds - Replaced some in-game sounds to contribute to the environment of the game

- Car Sounds - Various different car sounds replacing the plastic like originals.

- Weapon Sounds - <--- what it says

- Helicopter; Subway; Rain and Thunder Sounds - This contributes to the environment deeply, specially the last one.


5. MIscellaneous - Various additions in-game aiming at the overall feel of the game

- HUD - Together with the Speedometer and the RPM gauge, I added HD health and armor bars. Link Here

- Map - Pause menu map enhanced as well as the in-game mini-map.

- Blips - Good quality map icons.

- Colored Radio Icons - Another cool touch to the whole HUD.

- Weapon Icons - Colored ammo icon and weapons icon.

- Peds Fears - Pedestrians don't get scared about drifting and horn honking near them.

- Loading Screens - Intro and loading screen pictures. High quality and good looks.

- Fixed Fences - They don't look all jaggy anymore.

- Blood Effects - More blood

- Explosions - Bigger Explosions. More fire. More Smoke



Recommended Mods ( Not Included )


- Lord Neophyte Textures - In my opinnion, a must have! Also, my enb is tweaked to match these textures. Clearly the best textures for GTA IV out there. Link Here

- Trees Mod IV - Lord Neophyte textures already include these. I personally perfer the GTA IV default trees, but if you like greener trees, try this mod. Link Here







More screenshots at http://www.overclock...-release-thread



Download Link - http://www.mediafire... 1.0 stable.rar [12-15-2013]


Changelog 1.0 Stable


General Improvements
- Improved Stability
- Improved Performance
- Organized files
- Overall tweaks
- First Timecycle Adjustments- Fixes some excessive lighting issues
- DoF enabled - A distant blur to enhance the horizon.
Car Pack
- Some cars replaced for better/smaller ones.
- Removed modded bikes for now
Handlings; colors; Effects
- New handling schematics


Advanced explanation

General Features
1. Cars behave like they should
Example: Muscle cars are RWD happy, so they are great to powerslide around corners
Example: Sports cars are also RWD happy
Example: Luxury Sedans are more civilized, but if pushed hard enough they can drift pretty well (Mercedes-Benz s600; Audi A5 etc.)
Example: Normal old cars can't drift much, maybe a wheelspin or two, nothing drastic. This is because they understeer a bit.

2. Cars have different braking systems according to its category.
Example: Recent cars have a standard ABS feature making them brake pretty well, without much fuss.
Example: Because I can't just remove the ABS feature for non-ABS cars, or else their brakes would just lock and you would just go head on straight into a wall ahahah
I got them an alternative ABS feature (Alternate ABS according to R*) which makes them stop,yes, but makes a bit of drama, causing brakes to lock on and off.
- Tire Grip: ALL grips adjusted by category (Fixed some issues with some cars understeering when they shouldn't)
Example: Sports cars are the gripiest ones (Still RWD happy)
Example: Luxury Sedans are also quite grippy
Example: Old cars are the less grippy
- Speeds : ALL car speeds adjusted to match the speedometer, all taken out of real life car data.
Example: Admiral (Mercedes-Benz s600 4-Matic) max speed is 250KM/H. In the game the car its 250KM/H just about right.
-Suspensions : ALL suspensions adjusted by car category like mentioned a while before on the forum
Example: Sport cars have the stiffest suspensions
Example: Old and Muscle cars have the less stiffer kind of suspensions (Still much better than the default ones)
- Car damage : ALL car damages adjusted by category
Example: Sports cars are the weakest ones
Example: Muscle Cars and old cars are the strongest
- Brakes : ALL brakes adjusted by car category
Example: Sport cars have the strongest brakes (They need it ahah)
Example: Old cars have the worst brakes




Note: Add me on skype

Username: g.x.storm


Note: The mod is still a work in progress (WIP)

Expect some changes in this main post over time

Most of the mod contents section will suffer tweaks over time

Altough the game is perfectly playable as it is.

Note: We are always looking for fellow modders who want to participate in the mod.

Note: Links and proper crediting will need some time


Disclaimer: We don't claim any credits for the mods used in this project. All credits go to the main mod makers. Thank them



and always give some feedback on ideas and bugs found.

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 11:53 AM

hi my friends.can i run it good and without lag on my pc?(Specs under)

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 02:56 PM

hi my friends.can i run it good and without lag on my pc?(Specs under)

Is it a laptop?

I mean, your cpu and the graphics card probably can't handle it...

But theres nothing wrong with trying


I can give you a few tips on how to get the enb settings down, and the in-game settings as well...

How's the game working on it's own, no mods?

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 04:22 PM


and i have car mods only.

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 05:26 PM Edited by GxStorm, 20 November 2013 - 08:22 PM.


and i have car mods only.

Try the mod out...


If you have issues running it, report here and I'll try to help you

No hurt in trying :)

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 08:20 PM


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Posted 11 December 2013 - 09:56 AM



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Posted 11 December 2013 - 08:01 PM

Wow those screenshots look amazing. Very good work.

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Posted 16 December 2013 - 04:41 PM



New version uploaded - 1.0 stable

Download link - http://www.mediafire... 1.0 stable.rar


Changelog will be posted on the open post


Thank you :)

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Posted 18 January 2014 - 10:39 AM

Hello, Just installed this but, the menu has gone on the pause menu, No way to change the GFX's etc... can you help

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Posted 07 February 2014 - 12:14 PM

Hello, Just installed this but, the menu has gone on the pause menu, No way to change the GFX's etc... can you help

if u use AMD Graphic,then you need to Disabling Antialiasing at CatalystControlCenter

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 08:49 PM

Hey Everyone, i registered just to find out about this sh*t! bc37219654d6a2a51c8d0eb42f5c0da5.png


So i get this, i cant see any menus, or Play Button, i cant click on anything, and the GFLW just doesnt launch as well, even though it should. PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEE! <3

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Posted 26 February 2014 - 05:50 PM

Disconnect from internet.and please create a topic for these problems,friend!Hope it helps you,mate! ;)

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