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[GTA IV][BETA][.NET]Dragonsbreath rounds

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 10:27 PM Edited by TheSiggi, 18 November 2013 - 01:46 PM.


Bringing the notorious dragons breath shotgun round to GTA IV.

This modification requires the .NET Scripthook by HazardX.

Any pedestrian hit by the shotgun fire of the player will burst into flames, that's pretty much it.
The script comes with a ini file for further customization and options, as well as console commands for easier handling of ingame changes.
Extract from Readme:
3.1) Configuration file

The script comes with a few customizable configurations, which can be changed in the 
"dragonsbreath.ini" file, which either comes with the script or is generated if not existant in the
"scripts" folder.

Options:  (treat them as)
	Radius (int) 
	This defines the radius in which the script will detect near peds for the script.
	Standard configuration is 35
	RenderExplosions (boolean)
	This toggles whether an explosion shall rendered at impact (only works for peds so far)
	0/false = no explosion
	1/true = Molotov cocktail explosion
	ExplosionPower (float)
	This parameter defines the power of the explosion effect, not the provided damage.
	Standard is 1.0
	ExtraDamage (boolean)
	This toggles whether extra damage should be applied to hit peds.
	0/false = no extra damage
	1/true = extra damage
	CameraShake (int)
	This doesn't seem to work with the explosion type!!!
	Standard is 0

	FireproofedPlayer (boolean)
	Toggles whether the player should be fireproofed or not.
		This might conflict with any "god mode"-like script, so if you are using such a script it
		is adviced to disable this option
	0/false = disabled
	1/true = enabled
Future versions will allow more customization and options!

3.2) Console commands

The script comes with some extra parameters, accessible through the Console of the Scripthook.

Base command:	dragonsbreath

	reload / -r
	This will reload the configuration file, so you can easily test new configurations while 
	playing the game; after changing the .ini file, just reload the configfile ingame.
	newfile / -n
	This will generate a new standard configuration file in the scripts folder
	   CAUTION!!! The existing configfile will be deleted!
	off / on
	This will turn the script on/off.
	A message will be shown about the current script state.
	This will disable the games Ammo limit and give the player a shotgun with an
	excessive amount of ammo.

Please note that this script is still in development and will be updated for further improvments and optimizations.

GTAGarage Download

18/11/2013 - v0.7.1 released

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 10:29 PM

-reserved for additional details and changelog-

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