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f*ck Lester

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 01:28 AM






Lester is flawless, its the merryweather pickup heli I have problems with.


Never had a problem with Merryweather, ever.


I must be a valued customer :D


Guess I should stop calling merryweather's heli pickup only to one-shot the pilot and steal his heli...



I can't kill the pilot.  He's too hilarious.


"Don't worry!  I've only crashed twice!"


The boat guy is funny too, since they are 2 different people.



Lol yea sometimes you can see him way up high not descending, then gets mad at you for not getting in. It would be possible if I had the jetpack!


Didn't know about two boat captains, I've only used boat pickup once.


Does anyone know how to use the rope to descend in the merryweather heli? The option only showed up for me once when reaching a destination. I always have to jump out.

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