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Poll: Zombies In GTA (497 member(s) have cast votes)

Should Zombies Be Included In GTA 5?

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    Percentage of vote: 46.68%

  2. No (265 votes [53.32%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 53.32%

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  • nixion

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Rockstar North in my opinion would be selling themselves short by going the route of a gimmicky Zombie/Alien DLC. While the thought of it sounds cool to explore, it was already done in Undead Nightmare. The Grand Theft Auto series has always been about crime, telling dramatic crime stores filled with action and suspense. Rockstar North would be selling their own game and franchise short to do something gimmicky like this DLC. Los Santos is massive to not tell any other stories of crime within it. Michael,Franklin, and Trevor are the most underdeveloped protagonists of the series to not get anymore serious stories their way. It would all be a waste to throw out the atmosphere they created for V to not come back in the DLC and be replaced with something unrealistic and gimmicky like a Zombie/Alien invasion.    

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  • ClearlyJesseIsGreat

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Posted 2 weeks ago

So, Here's my thoughts on the subject.

1.) Zombies have been DONE TO DEATH.

2.) R* Has already done it once, and done it right.

3.) As if R* needs MORE money.

Now, looking at this information I'm inclined to ask this question.... Why are zombies so popular?

Answer: BECAUSE THEY MAKE MONEY. As long as people enjoy playing, watching, and/or reading about zombies, people will keep using them for money magnets.

All this aside, a zombie DLC would kick ass and I would love to see it happen ^-^ Cheers, everyone


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Mr. Rocko
  • Mr. Rocko


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Posted 2 weeks ago

No Zombies shouldn't be included.
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  • fabel123

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I would like to see zombies in a dlc, however it would mean a lot of work for R* so I think it would make more sense to add it as a dlc for the next GTA game. Although if they can execute it perfectly, then I would love to see zombies In gta. Especially online.

  • davegrimes96

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Posted 2 weeks ago

if we do get a zombie DLC we need a zombie free roam, that was the only thing wrong with RDR's undead nightmare

  • esato

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Posted 2 weeks ago

if we do get a zombie DLC we need a zombie free roam, that was the only thing wrong with RDR's undead nightmare

Something like that movie "I am Legend"?


A colapsed city, with jungle, wild animals, no people?


Would be nice, but I don't think so...

  • DeepThroat1974


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Posted A week ago

I definitely want this. But it must be a Free Roam Open World mode for Offline and Online. Zombies should be just like the walking dead....No special zombies are running zombies. Have hundreds everywhere. Safe houses through out the map with all weapons and ammo. Cars have limited fuel.

  • strakan7

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Posted A week ago

Glad the poll is still edging for 'No'...hope they listen!

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  • WalterS_LV

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Posted A week ago Edited by WalterS_LV, A week ago.

Add maybe. I want and don`t want at the the moment of writing this. It can be done terribly or extremely well. But I don`t think R* will add them. Maybe they will add like a hordes of zombies walking in the forest at night during Halloween. So for few days you can go and shoot some zombies that want your brains. I think that would be great. Maybe a zombie survival for the event and some rewards like a bloody zombie shirt, I <3 Zombies T-shirt and a double barrel shotgun that you get to keep even after the event is over, but can only be bought during event. Like the musket from Independence Day update. 



Didn`t vote btw.

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