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The 1st Initiative is recruiting(360) we are the elite, we are strong,

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Posted 14 November 2013 - 11:48 PM

the first iniative is a crew where once you join your're family. Treat the crew as with respect and loyalty and in return we will always have your back no questions asked,because we are such a new crew we don't partake in just one type of mission or activity, currently we partake in all from Racing to survival and definitely missions, I can say though once the heist are implemented I already have an apartment with a planning room and will definitely be focusing some effort towards that however we will NEVER stop partaking in all activities as that's what keeps the game fresh.also another bonus for new recruits because this is a new crew I am currently looking for officers who I can trust with recruiting chill and down to earth people, and won't give the crew a bad name, if anyone who joins is interested I'm willing to talk to anyone and everyone regardless of level I only look at skills and who you are especially when it comes to trusting someone with the crew. I also want to make it clear that this crew will Be run by the crew and everyones opinion will be heard and considered if someone doesn't like how something is being done then say something, even I will be held accountable! if people are Unsatisfied with the way I am running things. But rest assured I will still Be fully committing to the crew and doing whatever I can, whenever I can to show the GTA world that we are the elite, the strongest, the fastest, The Initiative
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