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Foreign Mafia Family - FMF (Xbox 360)

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Posted 12 November 2013 - 04:13 AM

I am the leader of FMF my GT for Xbox 360 is LK Dope Man ( will be changed soon ) anyway as you can tell we are a mafia crew. Nothing like GTA IV where they had rules, and all that good stuff in FMF ANYTHING GOES! But one rule we do have is never take sides against your fellow crew members even as a joke you will be banned automatically that's one thing to remember when you join us. If that person is your friend that doesn't want to join FMF because he/she is in their own crew advise him/her not to interfere with FMF actions. As for things we do...


  1. Always help in anything crew members need
  2. Own s*** in free roam
  3. Do a lot of races
  4. Piss off other crews and players to keep things interesting and not boring
  5. And sometimes battle it out between members if there is a disagreement in the crew
  6. And participate in sometimes random activities 


Ranking up!


How you rank up in FMF through hierarchy depends on you. Real life first of course. Participate in jobs, races, and other random activities. Those who have permission to rank you up will do so as will I. 


Crew Color!


Our primary color is red but as far as the color of clothes you wear as long as the FMF emblem is on it doesn't really matter.


How to join FMF!


just click this site and join up, also tell your friends who are looking for a fun/active crew.


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