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What about NPC friends/girlfriends online?

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  • goldadderXD

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Posted 2 weeks ago


I would really like to date npcs. I think it would be really cool if multiple players could date the same chick and it becomes like a competition.  

lol  That would be hilarious to see ppl in a shootout over virtual  girlfriends. 


yea like someone woudnt try to kill here :D

  • Furry_Monkey

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Anything that adds more immersion/playability.



  • Dirty.Hairy

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Thats pathetic.

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  • CarcerCityMadMan


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Posted 2 weeks ago

Idk i think it would be funny going to someone's apartment and having there NPC girlfriend bitch at them."What the f*ck is he doing here."or"i wanna watch tv,tell him to leave".It be kinda funny.

  • dreadluxx

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Posted 2 weeks ago

NO to the OP.  Thats f*cking lame and adds nothing to the game.

Thats pathetic.

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