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GTA 5 Prison Roleplay(Xbox 360)

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Posted 10 November 2013 - 01:13 PM

Welcome yet again to another one of my High quality fun roleplays!



The main goal of this roleplay is to achieve making players feel trapped in a sense. Live your life in prison and do many number of things possible!

Characters from my Hardcore Roleplay actually serve their prison sentences doing these roleplays as their characters! If you would like to also participate in that find it in my signature! 


To play please contact xJim Bob IIIx on Xbox Live!





Grand Theft Auto 5 Prison Roleplay

Prisoner Rules:
-No Guns/Explosives/Weapons period unless obtained correctly
-No constant fighting Or obnoxious behavior
-Gangs may be formed with up to 3 other people, Bandanas are how to mark yourself
-Your Prison Character has 3 lives For his ENTIRE Sentence
-Once your sentence is up you may have character carry over to Evolution Roleplay
-If your character is sent to prison in Evolution Roleplay you must participate in Prison Roleplay to serve your sentence
-You are able to craft weapons over time
Knife:Must obtain 3 pieces of metal and a Piece of wood/Takes 2 days to make(Must contact admin before starting)
Hammer:Must obtain 10 pieces of metal and 3 pieces of wood/Takes 5 days to make(Must contact admin before starting)
-Prisoners must follow the schedule and listen to guards or sentences can be increased
-If searched or other you MUST tell the truth if you have something or you will be removed permanently from the Roleplay

Guard Rules:
-No shooting/Hitting prisoners without a good reason
-Must control prisoners at all times
-Must assign prisoners a cell block before the first night
-Must use the schedule and follow it
-Can only use tear gas at extreme measures
-May call a lockdown in which all prisoners stop movement and Go into stealth mode
-May conduct searches with the wardens permission
-When a prisoners sentence is over they must release the prisoner
-Upon a riot or revolt guards need to watch their aim and only shoot if absolutely necessary

-All guard rules apply
-May have guards conduct searches
-May change the schedule if an admin agrees
-May have special events for prisoners
-May extend sentences for prisoners if needed(Need admins permission)
-May release prisoners early for good behavior(Need admins permission)
-May do other actions if given permission from Admin

11 Prisoners
4 Guards
1 Warden


Prisoner outfit

Guard/Warden Outfit
Pump shotgun
Tear gas

Prisoner Outfit:
Hat:None(Bandanas are except able)
Top: Orange Track Jacket, White T-Shirt
Bottom: Orange Track Pants or Orange Sweatpants
Shoes:Hinterland Black Boots

Guard/Warden Outfit:
Hats:Black Army Cap or None
Top:Charcoal T-Shirt, Any body Armor
Bottom:Black Cargo Pants, Black Work Pants, Black Track Pants
Shoes: Hinterland Black Boots

Guard Duties:

Guards are responsible for controlling the prisoners daily activities and making sure everything stays stable. Guards need to enforce the following schedule.

22:00-6:00:Cell Time
8:00-12:00:Yard Time
14:00-18:00:Yard Time
20:00-22:00:Warden Chooses(Yard Time, Cell Time, Time for special events, Time for searches)

Prison Survival Guide:
Events such As a gang fight or riot can explode at any time and can be random and you may get hurt.

To ensure that your character survives through prison here are some steps to follow

1:Never disobey a guard, They may very possibly be corrupt and will deal with you in many ways

2:Join a gang, Being alone is extremely dangerous, Having backup in case of an event is crucial

3:Do not get into any fights or provoke other inmates to dislike you

4:Never be alone, Being alone makes you vulnerable

5:During a riot or gang fight try to stay as uninvolved as possible

6:Never leave prison and join a new gang, When you return your old gang will be notified and you will not make it long

7:Don't go to prison, Making sure you do nothing illegal to prevent your trip to prison is the very best thing to do

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