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Attention all Pilots - Malevolent Reavers recruitment [Xbox 360]

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Posted 07 November 2013 - 02:56 PM Edited by Serpent Reaver, 07 November 2013 - 03:03 PM.

Malevolent Reavers


The kings of the sky


Now the chance to be part of the crew is here. With only it starting fresh almost a month ago now, it is time to take it to the skies.


Malevolent Reavers is a crew for the pilots of choppers and the fearsome jets. Become a Malevolent Reaver today for a chance to shine in the sky and reign terror down on those below you. Easy to kill those with a bounty upon their heads, and to strike fear down upon them when they see multiple jets and choppers flying above them.



  • A mic that works and you are English.
  • To be active within the crew.
  • To show respect to other members - it's best for a friendly environment. People will make mistakes, so do not rage at them for their faults.
  • To be at least 16 years old. GTA Online can have vulgar players and it takes maturity to mute them, or ignore them. Either way a party chat will be started if that is the case.
  • Dedication to bring you the best is important to the whole crew.


  • Do not disrespect another member within the crew or any other player in the game.
  • Do not express hatred towards other races. Racial insults are not welcome here.
  • Do not kill another crew member just because they may have killed you by accident. These things happen and the least we can do is accept it and move on. You will be treated with a 'sincere apology' with a free plane of any kind or money.
  • You must have a mic as stated in the requirements. 
  • No sexism.

The ultimate decimation from the jets can obliterate tanks with precise runs. Although proven to be risky and dangerous, the jet's cannons are powerful and about 4 precise dives with the cannons firing can destroy the tank... and a single shot to any other vehicles. This is why the Malevolent Reavers will be the dominant ones of the sky and ground.


If you have been wondering to have multiple partners in your crew up into the Sky and wanting a team of combat pilots that are well skilled, then now is your chance. I am skilled in the jet and choppers, and I am looking for other skilled pilots to join my crew.


Now do not panic if this sounds exciting to you and you worry about your skill in air force, you can actually be part of the force by taking it to the ground with your weaponry. You only have to call in a buddy with a jet or chopper to finish some work you may find difficult to take, and the fact you can ask for a pick up from a chopper and take you to a location. The sky is your friend.


What benefits from joining the crew? Well you will be able to participate in jobs, races, heists (once GTA Online has access to them), sharing money, friendship, and with my specialty in hijacking jets in Fort Zancudo, I can easily drop off a jet for you if you need one. As well, I and other crew members will help you with whatever it is. From getting a nice car, destroying somebody, or a mission, we'll be there to help.


Bare in mind the crew is new, and I am the only one within the crew. This is your only chance to become a high ranking official in the crew. I have the most expensive apartment in GTA Online and earned it without cheating or glitching for money.



If you are interested in joining and becoming part of the sky, then message me on Xbox LIVE to my Gamertag: Serpent Reaver


Or you can leave a reply here if you're interested in joining and mention your Gamertag so I can message you and invite you.



LINK: http://socialclub.ro...evolent_reavers

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