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San Andreas State Troopers

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Posted 06 November 2013 - 05:59 PM

The San Andreas State Police is a clan that currently operates on Grand Theft Auto Online for the Xbox 360. We seek to realistically roleplay the Emergency Services that would operate in the GTA Environment.
If you are seeking to join, you must go to the "Recruitment" Tab and fill out an application. Once the application has been submitted, it shall be reviewed, and either accepted or denied. If accepted, someone will contact you to move you forward onto the Interview. After the interview, if you have been successful, you will be moved onto training, and from there, you will be allowed to participate in all the clan has to offer!
Once again, welcome to all, and good luck in the process.
If you have any questions or comments, send a message to iSpyMike on Xbox, or an email to [email protected]
- Accident Reports using Snapmatic
- Responding to Crimes and Accidents
- Will have private games for ultimate roleplay
- Will have open games where roleplay will be combined with the randomness of online

- You must be 18 or older
- You must have an Xbox 360
- You must have GTA 5 + GTA Online
- You must have Xbox Live
- You must have a working Xbox microphone - No Kinects
- You must be mature and be able to play realistically
- You must be able to speak English fluently, clearly, and effectively


The process is pretty simple. When you submit your form, the administrators will receive it and look over it at their earliest convenience. If they REJECT your application, you will not be allowed to reapply for one month. If you are ACCEPTED, your application will be forwarded to whatever Agency/Position you have applied for, and you will be contacted for an interview. If you fail your interview, you will not be allowed to apply for one month. if you successfully complete your interview, you will move on to training. Once training is completed, you are a community member!

Clan Rules and Regulations

1. You must be respectful to everyone at all times
2. You must follow the Chain of Command
3. You realize you can be banned at any time
4. You must actively participate in all clan functions if possible
4a. If you can't make something, it's not a problem, but we do want members that are happy to be here!
5. No swearing, pornographic images, trolling, or anything else of the like on the forums or anywhere else clan related

We may add rules whenever we see fit, and if they are not obeyed, you shall be banned

Please answer questions with as much information as possible. Short answers may be rejected if not given any thought. Also use correct grammar and punctuation. This is to be professional.

Also please realize that we do not have LCPDFR or any other mods since we're on Xbox. All of our calls will be utilize roleplaying and imagination.

Our users have a broad age range. Please understand that if you apply, those higher in rank than you may be younger than you are.

If you agree and have read everything above, please begin your application.

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Posted 11 November 2013 - 12:45 AM

If you think you can pass the strenuous application and academy process, send in your application today.

We recently conducted a patrol in Paleto Bay with another clan revolving around the Sheriffs department.

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