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[SAMP] Liberty Roleplay

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 07:24 AM

Server IP:
Forums: www.LBRP.tk / www.libertyRP.tk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LBRPsamp
Liberty RolePlay Features List:
#   - Unique to Liberty RP
## - Semi-unique features
*   - Standard features
# Unique Payday System - All jobs give Cash-in-hand. Only Bank interest and minimal pay is delivered at PayDay.
# Effective and reliable custom anti-cheat named S.H.O.C.K.
# Non-donators can own upto 10 vehicles.
# Boat, Plane and Gang vehicle dealerships.
# Realism -- As close-to-real-life as possible.
# Custom RP - Players can choose their roleplay level themselves.
# Liberty Credit system for Donators.
# Multiple unique In-Game/Forum/Facebook events.
# Unique uber-cool audio-stream-based gaming experience.
# LSFMD system - Player cannot /accept death when an EMS Personell is On-Duty.
# Blackmarket system where players can buy all sorts of weapons at a premium price.
# Dynamic  Bandana (Name tag color) system for Gang Members.
# Unique vehicles for all factions including Hitman Agency.
# Special VIP Garage.
# Undercover admin-team hunting for rulebreakers.
# Supportive, Helpful and Hardworking Administrative Team.
# Recovery of lost character-password through forum-verification (No Email-Id required In-Game).
# All basic features are unlocked even for non-donators.
# Donators are given additional cool features (Non-Donators can still enjoy the full experience).
# Custom anti-Server Ad.
## Secondary Job feature.
# /frisk shows vital details including Cash on a player.
# All notified bugs are solved at the earliest (We do not make you wait for the next update).
# Custom non-destructive anti-account farming.
# Lawyers can defend criminals in front of a Police Officer (soon infront of a Judge).
# TeamKill can be enabled/disabled in Events.
# Intuitive /factions and /facleaders.
# Custom grab/drag system for Law Enforcement Officers.
# /show command to show people your Cash/Pot/Crack/Materials.
# Sniper headshots kill victim [For Hitman Agency]
## Large, awesome array of toys to choose from.
## Deployable barriers and flares for Law Enforcement Officers.
## Custom Anti-Spam engine.
## Referral Token system for people who invite other players to the server.
## Gang members can track gang vehicles.
## Entirely community-based server. (We make changes to the server based on community-response on the forums).
## Dynamic, purchasable vehicle dealerships.
## Dynamic drop/grab weapons system.
## Unique /rage system while using /shout.
## ATM System.
## Law Enforcement Officers and LSFMD can call for backup.
## Gangs and Factions have separate IC and OOC chat channels.
## Criminals can bail themselves out of jail if they have money to post bail.
* Double EXP.
* Dynamic House / Gang / Faction System.
* Turf system for Gangs.
* Gang wars for Turfs or Extortion money.
* Online streaming Car Radio, MP3, Boombox system.
* Official Gang/Family system.
* Fishing system (via Boats / Verona Pier fishing rods).
* Factions: LS Police Dept, LS Fire & Medical Dept, FBI, HitMan Agency, SANews. [More coming soon..]
* Intuitive Tutorial and Registration system.
* Marriage / Divorce system.
* Ammunation Gun-Store sells all legal weapons (Check blackmarket / arms dealers for illegal weapons).
* 12-15 Different Jobs to choose from.
* Sync'ed traffic lights.
* Houses, 24/7 items, Guns, etc. priced realistically.
* Two banks in Los Santos, catering to all Banking needs.
* Two hospitals in Los Santos.
* One main LSFMD HQ near Los Santos International Airport.
* Hidden Hitman Agency HQ.
* [Some custom mapping thats currently under testing phase will be released soon]

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 09:47 PM

Please change the font color of your text. It's barely readable!

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