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(Sanny Builder 3) Need Assistance Re-compiling a Vice City SCM script&

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Posted 03 November 2013 - 04:13 PM

Errors too many to list, basically, when I corrected one accidentally, I got another which if un-fixable (at least for me). I could not figure out, as I am not as proficient yet in coding and the like. Original Vice City Engine script anyway, not III.  Default file got tweaked, and I forgot after all how the hell it was even created. Could someone "bug-fix" this so that I can develop it further (for my  custom server?) :rol:


The .txt decompiled version of the file is linked below,  help is much appreciated 


And also included in SCM format, just in case


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Posted 04 November 2013 - 01:53 PM Edited by Seemann, 04 November 2013 - 01:53 PM.

You're trying to compile a script which was written for another tool (BW's Mission Builder) thus having different syntax. Use the Code Convertor feature (MB->SB), then retry. The betten solution is to decompile an original VC's main.scm file in Sanny Builder and start working with it.

Btw, dont forget to set an edit mode to VC when working with VC's scripts, because it's set to SA by default. You may switch the edit mode in the bottom right corner by clicking a game name.

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 06:06 PM Edited by ZAZ, 04 November 2013 - 07:03 PM.

I think it's better to deompile the MTA.scm. I did that last night. Sanny didn't compile the script because of locals out of range.

i replaced then all these

32@ 33@ 34@


2@ 3@ 4@

and all these

16@ 17@ 18@


6@ 7@ 8@

then sanny compiled the script

by testing the game startet with green screen and then the loadscreen appeared and the game freezed or something

but now is it possible to improve it




Ok, i got it working so far
have a look to the player spawn at script begin
the varibles are wrong:
0053: $799 = create_player #NULL at 560.0 15.0 152.0
01F5: $800 = create_emulated_actor_from_player $799
should be:
0053: $PLAYER_CHAR = create_player #NULL at 560.0 15.0 152.0
01F5: $PLAYER_ACTOR = create_emulated_actor_from_player $PLAYER_CHAR

but $PLAYER_CHAR and $PLAYER_ACTOR are used for special actors:
009A: $player_char = create_actor 3 #SPECIAL01 at 565.0 10.8 155.19
009A: $player_actor = create_actor 3 #SPECIAL02 at 565.0 9.8 155.19

so replace first all  $player_char with $4666
and all $player_actor with $4644

then replace all $799 with $PLAYER_CHAR
and all $800 with $PLAYER_ACTOR

then add a fade back after start_mission

0417: start_mission INIT // Initial
016A: fade 1 3000 ms

0001: wait 1000 ms 
0002: jump @MAIN_1170

at last deactivate create_thread @Noname_1 at line number 37932
//004F: create_thread @Noname_1


then test it


the whole source text





  • DarkRyan94

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 07:05 PM

I highly appreciate your reply. SB decompiles flawlessly, and gives off an intact txt file for me to edit. But re-compiling fails even for Vice Mission Builder, (which is in its original format, forged and brewed in this software  as you said) seemingly endless sequence syntax and other type of errors pop up, for instance:


00A0: STORE_ACTOR $PLAYER_CHAR POSITION TO 32@ 33@ 34@. Internal variable out of range. Numbers from 0 to 17 can be used.


Irrational issues flooding me, I can't even begin with it, some radical flaw. Is there not a way to simply neglect, override those problems while compiling? In case of working from scratch, VC core (main.scm) how do I align my server with it and other options, tweaks, customizations, in the first place in the correct order so that it is not inconsistent during the process of (re)compilation (not much into scripting as I mentioned), (add server IP address and other stuff) so that it comes online synchronized with the scm file ( which then I consequently, logically rename to mta.scm), that would be a  perfect and more thorough solution too instead of tweaking already existent mta.scm to fit a server's purpose, mode, gameplay, style  preference, etc. 


In SB, even after a successful attempt of conversion, I run into a dead end street of compiling once again, and the first error (of endless, I assume) to pop up is: Unknown directive DEFINE OBJECTS 11.


Don't you happen to have a "intact, and compatible" mta.scm base (maybe you edited for this purpose and have a back-up or default file out of this reason) which I can customize further? I, and others in similar situation, would avoid much fuss and frustration this way.


On another note, CLEO 4 keeps crashing at VC startup screen, right after the menu (as I see there is only one CLEO library  version/edition available for VC) although I possess a legitimate copy of 3:VC, any way to fix this issue, is it a version incompatibility?

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Posted 05 November 2013 - 08:14 PM

Thank you ZAZ for your generous attempt, but unfortunately it doesn't work if brought into practice I believe, check it yourself. If I recompile in SB (in versions freshes to most ancient), even the size is greater than that of the original one (by around 12 kilobytes which is a considerate amount of fluff junk data perhaps).  It simply freezes in MTA 4.0-loading screen menu, loading further, beyond the line.

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Posted 08 November 2013 - 12:05 PM

Have you downloaded the MTA-DarkRyan-1.txt ?

I did, then opened it with sannybuilder, changed sanny into VC mode, compiled and copied it as main.scm into vc data folder

Started stock game installation(without cleo or any other plugins), started new game, Tommy appeared on hotel roof, a lot of special actors appeared also on the roof


You should also get it working first on stock game installation

To make it compatible with MTA is your work or ask in MTA forum

Maybe mission script cause crash by using multiplayer exe

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