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[TUT]Making more black gangsters

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Posted 02 November 2013 - 12:41 PM Edited by Jeansowaty, 16 October 2016 - 03:28 PM.

This tutorial is for someone who's looking for some texturing. I found out that the heads of the mexican peds (LSV1, LSV2, LSV3, HMYST, HMYCR etc...) can be edited so they'll look like black guys, by using already existing textures!

Peds which use textures you can use:




Peds which are LSV1 only compatible:


-PLAYER, RHAND, LHAND, and any other CJ body textures

Peds which are compatible for editing:














Let's get started!

I'll use LSV2 for quick editing. The first thing you'll need is a head and arms texture. I'll choose BLUEBL. He'll be a new GSF dude.

1.Edit the face and arms using the texture of BLUEBL. Be careful, be sure to paste it so the eyes, chin and nose are at a similiar height. Note that when you are using BLUEBL, his arms are inverted. Invert them and paste them in. If you still see some bits of the mexican (or white) skin, cover them with your new black skin. Merely like this:


2. Remove a small bit of his face at the right part. When not removed, it will result in an ugly black line going down his face. Edit his bandana for the color you want. I chose to use a bit of FAM3's cap for it.


It should look like this. THE SKIN IS FINISHED! Now, let's try it in-game or in Ped Editor or in DFF Viewer:


Looks good, doesn't it?

Now, let's edit LSV1 to a Balla

Using BALLAS1 and BMYDJ's textures.

1.Paste BALLAS1 head and resize it so it fits in with the old Vago head. Add a purple bandana for him, I'll use BALLAS1's.


2. Now, use parts of other peds to make his body black.


(ik it's very low-quality, that's just to show what I mean)

Now, let's see how it looks in DFF Viewer.


Some edits and it could be a nice new member!

I hope that I have helped some modders who want to add more gangsters to the game, good luck at modding :)

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