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"Money Flowin" Crew Recruitment *PS3*

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Posted 01 November 2013 - 08:07 PM

"Money Flowin" Is my Active GTA V crew, currently have Approximately 10 Members, All active. Looking for Active GTA Crew Members to help Plan & Complete Heist's (When they are Added.) All participating Crew Members of a Specified Crew rank will receive even Percentages as other Crew Members within the same rank that actively participated in the Jobs. Few will receive more if their Role leads to Completion of the Mission greater than others, even if they are Among the same ranks. The first 50 Members will all be promoted to achieve invitation privilege. Crew Members that do not participate in the Jobs, but have one of their Recruits participating will be given a small percentage of profit. Base value of required Ammo for heists will be supplied by the Crew. A small Percentage of each heist will be stored away for the crew for future costs of Heists, Ammo, Armor and equipment. We have a High End place required for Heists, but other people with High End places will be Welcome for us to Plan Heists there too.
Some donations will be given out occasionally, for Weapons & Upgrades, Cars & Customizations, Clothing & Masks/Hats & Accessories. We have several Crew Clothing and Masks available at Shops because of our Crew Rank. We have discounts at shop, like the Tattoo Parlor, a %90 discount, although I do not know if they are Crew or Personal Discounts. Our Current Crew color is: Red, but I... am willing to change it, varying on suggestions. Join Today, and Invite your Friends! This Crew is not only for skilled players, but people who like to play for fun, but you must have a fine line drawn between Fun and Serious, you do not try to compromise the Mission just because it's "Fun", that's just trolling and ruining other time spent, and fun, which can be annoying. I am willing to Ally to other Crews to increase Cooperation & Number of Players in Job. This is a PlayStation 3 Crew, Add me as a Friend, Gustykiller505, and send a Request to join the Crew, and a Message if you wish. Happy Hunting.
We Encourage you to recruit new Members into "Money Flowin", those who do will be granted small rewards, some will occasionally be greater rewards, depending on how dependent the Crew is on you.
Join today.

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