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Life's a Beach low fps issue

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 03:08 AM

Playing on PC..

Life's a Beach is just impossible for me. I get around 2200-2300 score every time I try because that damn scrolling bar with instructions is lagging so damn much. It's like some of those keys don't even go through the circle, they just warp right over it. It doesn't matter if I do it based on the song's beat or looking at it, it just gets way too difficult. Some notes are bound to be missed and that just screws it up for me.

I know the scrolling bar is meant to be smooth and you should be able to see the notes coming in order to press the specific buttons but this is simply impossible.


It's supposed to be smooth like in these videos




But I would guess the scrolling bars FPS to be somewhere around 0.6-0-8. It's not smooth like in them videos at all. f*ck this game, I've tried over 10 times now and I just can't be annoyed with it.

This was easy on PS2 back when the game was new, got it right on my first try. I think a fresh install could do it but I'm not sure if I care enough

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