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The Big Score

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 10:48 PM

So I think this problem is kinda popular, but here is mine.

I chose the obvious approach and I have stolen the train, the car, the drill, and everything else needed.

There is the H blip on the map for every character and each character have no more mission available other than the big score. It is located on the strip club, yet whenever I go there, I cannot access it. The bouncer that is usually on the front door is gone and the door on every side of the strip club is locked or inaccesssible. I tried the taxi trick where you ride a taxi from somewhere far and try to go to the club using the taxi and use the skip function. So recently my last resort was to force the character to enter it by making all 3 characters gather at the strip club and if lucky one of them might enter, which fortunately did, but nothing happens in there and all the strippers are gone. I tried to check the mission bullentin on the manager's office but it says I haven't stole the train. I tried calling everyone on the contact list and nothing happens. Furthermore when I try to call one of the strippers in the phone list it always says that she is busy.

I desperately need a way to fix this, any suggestion or help is highly appreciated! thanks!

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