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whats your characters backstory?

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Brian Grey
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Posted 23 August 2016 - 09:30 PM Edited by Jason Grey, 23 August 2016 - 09:31 PM.

Name: Jason Grey

Gender: Male


place of birth: Algonquin LC

Home:Del Perro, San Andreas

Nationality: British, American


Description: Jason Grey is categorised as a disorganised-Asocial killer often acting on impulse. 

Jason is seen to be a loner but is seen as very friendly and weird that people may say he is just misunderstood, Jason may say some really weird and odd stuff down to his bad social understanding that some things are inappropriate similar to Eddie Low from GTA IV. Jason hates social norms and having to be a certain way just to fit in a group that looks all the same, preferring to wear what he likes rather than the latest trend that most people follow.


In appearance he is a white male with brown hair and blue eyes

usually wearing tucked in dress shirts, with black or grey jeans

and cheap sneakers

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Posted 23 August 2016 - 09:35 PM

I made millions just to move out to a two bedroom in Paleto and pursue my love for high powered rifles and meth...

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Posted 01 September 2016 - 01:23 AM

He was born and raised in Southern California, but was forced to move to Mexico when his parents were deported...Eventually, he became a serial killer, all of his victims were men whom he viewed as good looking, the police never found out since he ate all of the victims...After seventeen men, he decided to move to Los Santos to do what he's doing right now, doing a few jobs in exchange for money...

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Posted 15 September 2016 - 02:08 AM

Character Backstory:
Arroyo was a underappreciated genius. He lived his life how he thought he should: he went to school, he stayed out of trouble, and he made good grades. He went to school to be a laywer thinking that was his calling. He always made everyone laugh whenever they got around him because, he never considered himself a serious guy, nor took himself to seriously. He honestly thought that was the dream: to go to school, then go to college, all to get your dream job.

Then one day, it all changed. Arroyo knew the guy he was defending was dirty. He was caught, with evidence, murdering someone in broad daylight. But he was dirty rich, stuffed with blood money. The whole courthouse was dirty. The judge was being blackmailed, the officers all paid off, the jury, all supiciously nervous because they too, were dirty. They even tried to pay Virgil off, but he wouldn't accept. It went against his morals. His best friend/partner Ian, even pleaded with him to accept the money. "You don't have to spend it man" he'd say. "but man just take the money." But Arroyo didn't listen. He just didn't listen.

during the case, everyone was looking at him to say something. To defend this guilty man, against this other guilty man. It was all bullsh*t. So, he walked straight out of the courtroom.

But that wasn't supposed to happen. Arroyo was suppose to side with the man or-
He'd suffer a horrible, horrible end.

The following night, groups of men broke into Arroyo's house, dragged him out of bed, then strapped him to a chair. The men all formed a blockade around Arroyo, leaving him in front of a cliff, beaten badly to a pulp. Then, the man who he was suppose to defend, walks up slowly to him, smoking a cigar, says "farewell" in Italian, then shoots Arroyo in the chest, sending him backwards off the cliff, into the water below.

(wait for part 2)

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Posted 15 September 2016 - 09:45 PM Edited by BittererRhyme69, 15 September 2016 - 10:12 PM.

Character Backstory:
Arroyo was a underappreciated genius. He lived his life how he thought he should: he went to school, he stayed out of trouble, and he made good grades. He went to school to be a laywer thinking that was his calling. He always made everyone laugh whenever they got around him because, he never considered himself a serious guy, nor took himself to seriously. He honestly thought that was the dream: to go to school, then go to college, all to get your dream job.

Then one day, it all changed. Arroyo knew the guy he was defending was dirty. He was caught, with evidence, murdering someone in broad daylight. But he was dirty rich, stuffed with blood money. The whole courthouse was dirty. The judge was being blackmailed, the officers all paid off, the jury, all supiciously nervous because they too, were dirty. They even tried to pay Virgil off, but he wouldn't accept. It went against his morals. His best friend/partner Ian, even pleaded with him to accept the money. "You don't have to spend it man" he'd say. "but man just take the money." But Arroyo didn't listen. He just didn't listen.

during the case, everyone was looking at him to say something. To defend this guilty man, against this other guilty man. It was all bullsh*t. So, he walked straight out of the courtroom.

But that wasn't supposed to happen. Arroyo was suppose to side with the man or-
He'd suffer a horrible, horrible end.

The following night, groups of men broke into Arroyo's house, dragged him out of bed, then strapped him to a chair. The men all formed a blockade around Arroyo, leaving him in front of a cliff, beaten badly to a pulp. Then, the man who he was suppose to defend, walks up slowly to him, smoking a cigar, says "farewell" in Italian, then shoots Arroyo in the chest, sending him backwards off the cliff, into the water below.

(wait for part 2)

He felt the cold water seep into his bullet hole wound, and he knew it was all over. He knew he was going to die in that body of water, tied to a chair. Each passing second, he felt himself slipping farther and farther into death until he couldn't hold his breath any longer. He then decided to embrace his death, realizing he had lost to much blood. He finally let go, fully accepting his fate. He'd die with incomplete goals. He'd die alone. He'd die with no one even knowing his name.

10 seconds later, he died.

Almost instantaneously though, another man woke up in the middle of the night startled by the nightmare he just had. He dreamed that he was a smuck lawyer, who nobody respected. The guy then got up to look in the mirror at himself. He combed his spiky hair to get it straight, then put on his vintage hipster glasses. He was gonna be a little late to the meeting, but he didn't care. His client paid him in advance. He put on his signature leather jacket, skinny pants, balaclava necklace, then his black suede boots. If he was gonna do a contract, he was going to do it in style.
(part 3 coming maybe idk this is stupid)

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Posted 16 September 2016 - 03:49 AM

I been playing as Noah Bennett from heroes, but sometimes I'm Indiana jones, mad max or James Bond! Role playing is splendid!

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 02:05 AM

Did a bit of searching and couldn't find a thread similar to this, so here goes.

A lot of players like to give their characters a background, a representation of how they like to see their character Online. Appearance plays quite a big part (clothing and accessories that our characters wear, vehicles they drive, weapons they use, areas where they live, etc). Although some (if not most characters) look alike, if they have a background, they ultimately have some kind of uniqueness from the players' point of view. Of course all of this does require ones imagination :p

This thread is mainly for people who have given their character(s) a background. So based on your characters' backstory, could they be the protagonist of their own game? If so, what would the game be called and what would it be about?

No need for a massive description (unless you really want to :p), just a brief one explaining the main concept of what your characters' game would be like.

To familiarize people reading, write a few words explaing your characters background in GTA Online :)

So to kick things off, I'll start :)

GTA ONLINE BACKGROUND: Ex mercenary, bionic test subject from Humane Labs and Research.


DESCRIPTION: Set in 2035 where technology has become much more advanced and scientists have begun the development of ultra-intelligent synthetic humans. One subject known as Project B62-R (my character) is the most advanced and intelligent synthetic human to ever be developed. B-62R realises that it is part of a production line of synthetic humans, and no longer wants to be. It escapes from the production facility and proceeds to try and blend in with ordinary humans and life. However, word has spread that the most advanced synthetic human is out in the open and multiple terrorist groups and governments are after it. B-62R now faces a long journey ahead to blend in to everyday human life and just be normal while fighting for survival as multiple governments and terrorists from across the globe are in search of it.

I've only done my main character however feel free to do both your characters if you want! As I said, it does require a little bit of imagination :p

Anyway, I look forward (and hopefully the community does to too) to reading what kind of game your characters would be in :D
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Posted 05 November 2016 - 02:25 AM

Lots of creative threads lately, I like it. My brain seems to be a little slow at the moment though, so I'll have to come back to it. I'm sure everyone can guess what kind of game I'd playing though :p

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 02:38 AM

GTA ONLINE BACKGROUND: Simply know as "Mister Owl" in the criminal underworld, doing anything for the money and the rise through infinite power, never feeling satisfied, the greed and the lust always speaking louder.


GAME TITLE: The Endless Struggle


DESCRIPTION: Set from the 70s, all the way to the early 2000s, a new street thug comes out of the alleyway with scars and wounds inflicted by men in suits, wearing kevlar armor and armed with automatic weapons. They took his wallet and piece, but he will not let it slide. Going through the lowest of the scum in community, acquiring money, power and weapons, he will climb the endless stairs to power and pull down those who are above him while fleeling and fighting those below him, getting his revenge against the ones who sparkled the endless thirst for more and more and the paranoia of losing it all. They will never know his real name, but will remember him by his mask. Mister Owl.


Sounds like your regular GTA storyline, I know. But I like this concept.

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 04:14 AM Edited by Professional Amateur, 05 November 2016 - 04:44 AM.

Surprisingly, the Besra won't be too involved in this post!


OT: Character Name: Jack Davidson


Born to a loving family in 1989 in San Fierro, Jack always had a passion for the machines of the highways and airways. He often absentmindedly looked skyward as winged majesties sailed the skies above him. He wanted to join those superior beings up there, but throughout childhood, he had to settle for only being able to gaze upon them. 


However, in 2013, things changed. Jack decided to live out his fantasies in life, or to at least try. He boarded FlyUS Airlines flight 2873 on a life-changing journey to Los Santos. He started off as a low-life criminal in contact with a man named Lamar. Lamar helped him start off his life in LS in an action-packed fashion. Stealing cars, drugs and firearms from unsuspecting people in the grime-filled streets. He realised this new life of crime would end quickly if he didn't change his ways. With the little change he had to spare, he purchased a humble two-car lockup in north-west Los Santos. It certainly wasn't much, but it provided safety for him and his treasured Bati 801. His loyal steed got him everywhere he needed to be fast. After a bloodthirsty psycho in an Adder attempted to blow up him and his precious bike, he fled right to LS International, where he hoped there would be a plane ready to go right away. He needed it. It was the only chance of survival. After a hurried rush to the other end of the airport, he saw what appeared to be a Velum sitting there. Perfect. He loved flying this plane in the numerous simulators he played in his teen years. He clambered into the cockpit and everything seemed oddly familiar. The tiny turboprop he now has spools up right away and he scrambles for takeoff as the Adder draws closer. "90....95...100...takeoff!" he shouted in joy as the Adder sped right beneath his wings. He was free! 


Soaring above LS, the engine starts to lose power and smoke plumes from the exhausts. He shuts the engine down and attempts to line up for a belly landing on the beach. The Adder driver must've got him with a sniper rifle, the rat bastard. He readies for a rough landing and gets the mechanic ready on speed dial so he can return to his trusty steed. After that initial hit of euphoria and adrenaline, Jack spots the Adder again and it's closing in fast, but this time, with a vengeance. His bike is blown up and Jack spends months in the Mt. Zonah hospital, recovering from his numerous fractures and burns.


Fast forward to August 19 of 2014 and the USAF announces its new Flight School centre at LS International. Jack realises the opportunities of legendary adventure and enrols right away. He was set to train on the new Besra jets that just arrived from Fort Zancudo. They were lined up on the side of the runway and they were absolutely gorgeous. He couldn't wait to start flying. In September, Jack passed with flying colours and was immediately sent to Fort Zancudo to retrain for the P-996 LAZER fighter jet- a dream he never realised would come true. After 3 months of vigorous exercise and tedious tests of his piloting skills, Jack is cleared for his first combat sortie- to shoot down a stolen fighter that was terrorising the city. Armed with Sparrow missiles and a powerful autocannon, this jet is feared and for good reason.


Once Jack sees the jet pop up on radar on his HUD, he realises it's another LAZER. This could end very badly for him. Luckily he has the altitude and airspeed advantage. "Fox One" he declares over the radio, and the Sparrow successfully tracks and downs the target. What a rush. 



...and that is all. If I wrote about my character's love for classic cars, the Hydra and the Dodo, this wall of text would be twice as long. Plus it took me ages to fully recall the backstory I gave him and this took even longer to fully type! I'd definitely play a game where the story is of an everyday guy becoming a fighter pilot. Then again I'd play most games about fighter pilots lol.

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Posted 05 November 2016 - 09:56 AM

SISTERS: Melanis /Omnia Nefertiti
"Of all things beautiful women have arrived."

Age: 18 (1 minute apart)

Birthplace: Bumblefux, Great Britain
Current Residence: Los Santos

Jahlil, an indiscriminate assassin and royal soldier whose call to notoriety was spawned due to her inexplicable projectile accuracy and knowledge of foreign firearms. This procured her a red beret within the Simon Ghost Regiment with her best friend Cammie White. Her operative comrades would come to identify her as the "blue eyed ebony" countersign (LETTER BEE), known to friends as "Nectar". She attempted to leave a life of conflict bargaining off triggers for solidarity, nights terrors, and PTSD. Somehow becoming a lieutenant by 16 she was relieved of duty after 7 years following a severe case of temporary paralysis under highly stressful circumstances. On a rainy night walking home prior her delivering as a baby catcher, Jahlil was met with a masked giant plotting to force himself onto the new mother of the residence effortlessly. To her surprise, the man wore militia insignia from her disbanded unit of days old. He fought anxiously proving no contest until Jahlil was struck near fatally from behind by a second juggernaut. The blow triggered her paralysis rendering her defenseless. Witnessing her body being smudged by one and painfully plastered down helplessly by another during the cold rain, her innocence was stripped on muddy grounds. Jahlil, a survivor bore twin daughters of two aggressors namely Omnia/Melanis Nefertiti. Jahlil fell victim to the assault and pneumonia prior to giving birth. The twins inherited her sable complexion, her blue eyes, and her youthful combatant will. Knowing Bumblefux was no place for youth and innocence, the sisters at 16 y/o migrated to LS with two duffel bags full of their mother's service uniforms and $1500 in pocket apiece. Melanis, a minute older of the two dedicated her life to insuring her baby sister's (Omnia) educational future was secure. They cohabited at a Catcha Freeman's Vespucci Apt 1 for two years before Omnia turned to a clandestine life of crime beneath Melanis loosely influence and Catcha's strange provisions. Occupying Omnia's current resume is military training, mercenary ops, fluency in 7 languages, street racing, outlaw cyclist, mechanic, aviation, vandalism, assassinations, money laundering, and assault/battery toward unsuspecting women due to current fiancée Catcha's infidelity just to name a few. Omnia owes her capricious lifestyle to her hardworking barely older sister Melanis. She like Omnia too lusted for Catcha previously as things were not meant to last. Ties were tight as he remained in their lives as friend and sentinel when new to the city. Melanis's resume is as follows: public indecency, alleged prostitution (no one has lived to confirm/deny sexual acts for funds), degree in philosophy, fluency in 7 languages, wheelman, gang violence, laundering, mechanic, grand theft, aviation, explosive ordinance, marksman, bank robber, doctor, merc, dealer, and previous employee at the Vanilla Unicorn to claw away the IRS.

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Posted 28 December 2016 - 10:04 AM Edited by Cancerslug, 29 December 2016 - 12:28 AM.

When she was six months pregnant, his mother put a double-barrel shotgun in her mouth and fired both shells into her face with her feet, shredding her head like a trick cigar. The name's Charlie by the way. A seventy something year old man who has literally seen and done everything. He was raised in the mountains by his father, a WW2 veteran that religiously lived on rats. Charlie's father sexually abused him from the day he was born until he was 25 years old, despite having lost both legs and one arm, chasing who he believed to be Adolf Hitler through a mine field. On Charlie's 25th birthday, his father bent him over his nub and tried to spank him, when Charlie bludgeoned his father to death with a rotary phone. He claimed self defense and was temporarily hospitalized in a mental institution, ending his days of mercilessly murdering beautiful young women in many creative ways with forklifts. The case went cold and was placed in the X-Files. The Forklift Maniac still lives on as an urban legend. Upon being released from the insane asylum, He was drafted into the Marines during the Vietnam war. The day he set foot on Vietnamese soil, He went awol and slaughtered his entire platoon with a mounted 50 caliber machine gun. He stockpiled the dead marines weapons and ammunition, and served as a one-man army for the remainder of the war and continued to live in the vast cave systems of vietnam after the war was over. He survived on Vietnamese cave rats for many years, until the North Korean cartel put a hit on him for 15 million noodles after they wrongfully suspected him of attempting to assassinate Kim Jong-il. During the time he lives in vietnam, charlie would transform into a cold-blooded, cyborg-like, free-aiming killing machine, and became obsessed with cultivating idustrial-strength organic crack. After slaughtering a small army of mercenaries that failed to kill him while he was sleeping in a cave, he fled to the baron and mountainous regions of russia, in an effort to lay low and start a new life, making a living growing organic crack from seeds he obtained in Vietnam. After the Russian government found out Charlie was hiding in Russia, they kidnapped him while he was taking a dump. They held him prisoner in an underground cloning facility and produced thousands of copies of him and formed a secret species of genetically altered freaks to deploy across the globe as part of their plan for world domination. The Russians tortured Charlie for nearly a decade, feeding him only boiled rat skin and dehydrated rat tails. He was fed one rat skin in the morning, peeled off the carcass in one whole piece, and a bowl of ground dehydrated rat tails and water at night. Sometimes, instead of ground rat tails, they would give him a few whole dried tails. After nine years, Charlie made his escape by brutally stabbing and killing dozens of facility staff and guards with a dehydrated rat tail. After he escaped the underground facility, he jumped off a fifty foot cliff onto a moving freight train. He lived boxcar to boxcar for several months, until he found mountains in Africa. He lived in Africa for a very short time, eating only African jungle rats and growing high quality organic crack from seeds he found there. In 1987, Pablo Escobar was on a hunting trip in Africa, when he skimmed his binoculars across the horizon and discovered Charlie taking a dump in his garden. Pablo immediately recognized his face from a special he saw on Animal Planet about mythical beasts. At this point Charlie was a famous psychopathic criminal mastermind. Some folks didnt even believe he exists, due to the lack of proof, because the American government destroyed all traces of him after the Vietnam massacre. Pablo and his men sedated Charlie in his sleep with a heavy dose of zebra tranquilizer and smuggled him to a compound located deep in the Amazon rainforest, where native Amazonian surgeons implanted a micro explosive device near his anus. Pablo planned to make Charlie his own personal slave assassin by threatening to "blow his ass inside out" if he evaded or disobeyed. Naturally, Charlie complied. His first assignment was to assassinate Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson was a major player in the coke game all throughout the late 70's and 80's and he was screwing over Pablo every opportunity he had. When Pablo found out Michael was responsible for the hijacking of a cargo jet carrying over 30 metric tons of Pablo's product, he went ape-sh*t. Charlie's mission was to fly a crop-duster from the Amazon rainforest to Japan and kill Michael Jackson while he was performing a concert at the Tokyo Dome, by sneaking onstage and shooting him in the throat at point-blank range with a double-barrel sawed-off shotgun, firing both shells simultaneously. Pablo was very specific about how he wanted it done. He wanted to decapitate Michael Jackson in front of hundreds of millions of viewers to send a message to other business associates that thought about screwing him. But while in japan, in a hotel room, watching a MacGyver marathon, Charlie removed the micro explosive from his gooch using only a pizza cutter, disarmed it, and put it back. In Columbia, hours went by after the Michael Jackson concert and no still no news of his death. Pablo, in an episode of incompetent rage, mashed the detonator button as hard as he could with out hurting his hand. And just like that, Charlie was free again...but he knew he wasn't safe. Fearing being captured by the Japanese crime lords, known as Yakuza, who were close friends and business associates with Pablo, Charlie seeked refuge in the mountains of Japan. He lived in the Japanese wilderness for many years, exploring mount fuji, searching for new species of exotic strands of organic radioactive Japanese crack. He survived on giant mutated mountain rats he caught using a wide variety of improvised traps he learned to make while surviving in the jungles of Vietnam, and sometimes chasing and killing them with his bare hands. One day while taking a dump, he caught a Japanese scientist in one of his snare traps. He kept him chained up in a hole he used for pooping and peeing, and covered the hole with a rotting giant rat carcass. He tortured him for several weeks, demanding him to explain himself. The japanese scientist begged him everyday for mercy and explained himself time after time in every possible way he knew how. He was working for the Japanese government, doing research on the effects of nuclear explosions on the environment. One day the scientist told him he was North Korean spy working for kim jong-il, and that his mission was to sabotage the Japanese empire by stimulating a volcanic eruption of zombies. unfortunately, right when he said that, they heard helicopters in the distance. This of course triggered Charlie. When the scientist seen Charlie on the verge of panicking, he attempted to climb out of the poop & pee pit but with one swift swing of Charlie's machete, he chopped off one of the scientists' hands, and the other one was dangling by a thin flap of skin. Charlie kicked one of the hands down into the pit, ripped the other one off and stuffed it in his pocket,and covered the hole back up with the giant rotting rat carcass. With the sound of helicopters getting closer by the second, Charlie was hell-bent on leaving the Japanese nuclear wasteland by any means necessary. The Japanese rescue choppers never found the Japanese scientist and he died an unimaginably slow and horrible death in Charlie's poop & pee pit.......

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Posted 29 December 2016 - 05:03 PM Edited by JayceonDub063, 29 December 2016 - 06:03 PM.

Character Details

Full Name: Jayceon Thomas the Tank Engine - JayDoublOR
Street Name: Ghost
Birth Year: 1993
Birthplace: South Africa
Race: Mixed, African
Speciality: Driving

Brief profile: A kind, helpful person who plays by the book...sometimes, he cares about his family and doesn't take betrayal very well.

Jay had a normal life - went to school, had friends and graduated from mechanics...but got sucked into the underground racing scene. His dad thought it would be a great idea to get hi! a car for his birthday, it wasn't any car...it was a Jester.


With a superfast Jester and his skills in mechanics, he dominated the racing scene, due to his skills...he earned the name "Ghost" and befriended a guy called "shift" who liked to use the numbers "212" which was tattooed on his left arm. Ghost and Shift dominated the racing scene from Liberty City to Vice City and other quiet towns like Bayview and Palmont City...while Ghost was winning, shift was tired of living under his shadow and on Ghost's final race for $2 million, he tampered with his recently built Cheetah, during the race...The brakes on the car failed and he crashed at 210kph, such a heavy crash..he escaped the flaming inferno and flew back home (to South Africa).

Months later and some anonymous tips - he found out that his friend "Shift" was behinded and the winning driver gave him a cut of the innings. So he searched him out in Seacrest County (and worked as a Police Interceptor) ... climbing through the ranks of the force and completed the force biggest hot pursuit bust.

Ghost finds out that shift goes by the name Interceptor 212 (his fav number)...meanwhile at the same time...shift finds out that Ghost works in the same force and disappears...SCPD finds out and reports an officer AWOL, a day later...Shift is spotted and assign Ghost to intercept "With Pleasure" he says.


A chase errupts and no holds are barred as Ghost, full of rage, takes down Shift. Ghost ignores dispatch orders to bring him in and proceeds to express his disappointment in Shift, while shift makes an attempt to run, Ghost puts a bullet in him..and firing 8 more rounds and engulfs his CCX-R in flames before getting a private plane and flying out of Seacrest County...meanwhile SCPD placed a $2 mil bounty on Ghost. He contacts Lamar, who offered him a few opportunities in Los Santos in exchange for a race, and makes his way to to LSIA.

Two months, a house in Vinewood Hills & 6 cars later...He has settled down and finally getting to enjoy his life...despite the bounty on his head...for those 10 seconds or less...He's free...

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Daedalheidis, 4 weeks ago.

Some girl was jogging down Paleto Bay and went crazy and realized that she could become rich if she hung out with some idiot she knows on lifeinvader. She is apathetic about everything that doesn't involve her getting paid and is highly cynical and an overall unpleasant person.
Secretly omnipresent and has been watching my primary character since the day she was born. 5,160 years old. When she/he/they/space alien isn't watching my primary character's every waking moment, she likes to ride around on her glorified tricycle and hit people with a crowbar, and sometimes stuff said people into the trunk of her Faction to be hauled over to the cove near the Palomino Highlands as a sacrafice to herself or whatever she really is.
And then there is a self insert sitting around in a black F620 wondering what the hell is going on
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Posted 4 weeks ago

Name: Hayden Broker
Codename: Zodiac
Place of Birth: Algonquin, Liberty City
Home: Rockford Hills, Los Santos - Eclipse Towers
Called the Zodiac for killing many people.

Hayden, 19 years old lived in Liberty City and raised in the Algonquin residence. He was well known in the city for being in talk shows and acting. His neighbors noticed him acting weird in the night. A neighbor turns on the TV and tunes it to Weazel News

TV clicks on: Weazel News! Confirming your prejudices!
Just in, Algonquin Police Department is currently investigating a major crime in the local 24/7 supermarket where 4 robbers armed to the teeth robbed the area and stole more than $1500, 3 people were killed in the escape.

The neighbor, Cameron, told the other neighbors and had an emergency meeting and hired some people to be on patrol for the night. Hayden was part of the meeting and frowned in the Neighborhood patrol part, Cameron asks, "Whats wrong?" Hayden then says "Nothing".

One morning, Hayden knocked out the neighborhood watcher and hid him in a dumpster and burned it, killing the officer. He sneaks to an abandoned warehouse with his 6 crew members, getting ready to rob the Liberty City Bank.

Cameron and the rest of the neighbors attend the deceased officer's funeral. Hayden however, involved in the assault and homicide, hid behind the romero hearse and called the crew to make a hit and run at the procession. A cognoscenti pulled up and opened fire at the next of kin and rest of the members, killing 5 people and injuring 3. Hayden then escapes to pull off the heist.

The crew burn the warehouse down and get into a schafter to go to the bank, they shoot the cameras and control the crowd, a witness then secretly took out a revolver for self defense and called 911. The police have arrived, alerting the robbers to start executing one by one to whoever called them. The witness, Nicholas, was charging up his gun and killed one of the robbers however, Hayden took Nicholas life by riddling his head with bullets. The cops send Merryweather and NOOSE to take care of the armored juggernauts. Hayden and the rest of the crew begin the battle against LCPD however losing another member and Hayden striked in the knee. The rest of the crew ran to the escape chopper however Hayden was shot in the back of his head, knocking him out. His vision was a blur, all he heard was HAYDEN and LCPD, stay down you moron! He then faints.

FIB officers enter the interrogation room and told him he would be senteced to death for homicide and bank robbery if he would not tell Officer Wells where the rest of the crew was, Hayden resisted and was going to get the death penalty.

The LCPD then took him as prisoner in a Titan Prison Plane to Las Vegas and then went on a Bollingbroke prison bus to Blaine County. During the ride, the bus arrived at the state and 5 kurumas appeared and assaulted the bus, rolling it over.

Weazel news! Confirming your prejudices!
Not long ago, a Bollingbroke prison bus was destroyed in Paleto Bay, killing the driver and 12 prisoners however 4 are missing, one of them is Hayden Broker, the leader of the infamous Liberty city Heist crew. FIB will flag him as a dangerous threat and armed.

Hayden wakes up in a Warehouse with 5 people next to him, all wearing a shirt called, SecuroServ. The future Assistant of Hayden then tells him, we have seen your work, we are inviting you to join our crew to take out rivals and steal cars and cargo. Hayden attempted to escape, however two muscular SecuroServ bodyguards block his escape and told him he can either die or join them.

Hayden joins the crew but then makes a Side Organization called the "Ghosts of LS". Hayden then reunites with his old crew and begin operations. However Hayden is not only working for SecuroServ, he met Lamar via Lifeinvader and Lester, who has been watching his every move. He was not afraid of Trevor when he met him and was brave enough to stand up against the psychopath.

Hayden is now a mafia leader and very powerful and rich, he changed his appearance and his criminal record was reverted to Non-Lethal dangerous as he does not want to kill anymore.
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lets hook up on storytelling...


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Nothing too deep.


My first character reunited with his two friends, one of which he hadn't spoken to in 20 or so years, went on a world tour with them before moving back to the paradise city of Los Santos and becoming the head of a criminal empire. 


Second character is more or less the same. She had a few albums, most of which were about her exes, which had a ton of success. Now she shook off music scene which left a blank space in her career, she makes her money by importing cars and occasionally dabbling in motorcycle based work. 

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A middle-aged guy deep in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Divorced, and a father of three, he now spends his time blowing all his money on stupid cars and even more stupid bikes.

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My male character is pretty much just Solid Snake.


My female character was an un-named character simply refered to as Girl created solely for the purpose of seeing the differences between the cutscenes and clothing options.

But thanks to the LS election thread, she now has a full blown backstory and personality.



If my male character had his own game it would be called Metal Gear Solid.

If my female had her own game it would be called Power Hungry Psychotic Bitch.

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this story is my character's tragic past , explaining her journey to darkness . rather than referred by name , my character was referred in first person , except during a dialogue


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D.O.B:August 17, 1989

Born and raised in the city of San Fierro, AJ was a innocent kid who grew up in a noble home in the neighborhood of Paradiso. AJ was considered "too soft" by his father, so AJ was sent to his uncle's house in Whetson, Angel Pine. His uncle taught him survival tatics, hunting and how to shoot his first gun. At age 14, he came back home to San Fierro, a totally different boy. He wasnt the boy his mother remembered anymore. AJ was cold towards his father and disliked him for sending him away. At the age of 17, AJ travelled to Las Venturas and graduated from Greenglass College at 22-years-old. 3 days after his graduation, AJ's father was killed in a car explosion at a 24/7 gas station. He went back home to stay and protect his mother. He kept in touch with his unlce and visited him often.

2 years has passed, and a 24-year old AJ is at peace with his mother in a quiet house. Later that day, AJ saw his uncle on Weasel News in a bank robbery in Palamino Creek. He died with fatal gunshot wounds to the neck, chest, and shoulders. Now AJ only has his mother, and due to paying house bills, car insurance, and College tuition, he wont have enough to support her.

2 days later, there was a knock on AJ's door and a group of 3 mysterious people came to discuss with AJ. They claimed they knew his uncle and said he was a chip off the old block
They talked about their Criminal Mastermind to Rob banks around the State and to become wealthy. With very little money in his pocket, AJ decided to join the group, but will he have what it takes.

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I always just assumed my secondary character was a lesbian until about a year ago when I noticed her and Forza share the same bank account and a few addresses. I mean, she's a rank 31 driving a Stirling GT and an X80. Turns out Charity is just her one word stage name, her legal name is Charity Harrd, she's bi, been in a monogamous relationship with Forza since they got married in Las Venturas a few years ago. She's the one with the common sense in the relationship. He just wants to fly helicopters all the time.

(edit: the rumor that Charity Harrd is actually Lana Kane's stunt double on the animated show Archer is probably true.)

(edit 2: wait the rumor that the Lana and Sterling characters in Archer are completely based off the real life stories of Forza and Charity are also probably completely true.)



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My character's name is Alexander Tenvilson. He was born to Gloria and Tenvoekal Tenvilson, his mother a housewife and his father the head gangster of a Russian crime family. He was born alongside his brother, Viktor, who grew up with facial structures more pronounce and older looking ( as a result of my character facial reconstruction.) while Alexander grew up with a softer and more undefined face ( my original character). Alexander took after their mother, Viktor took after their father. Viktor grew up to be a soldier in the brotherhood ( mafia) while Alexander was convinced by his mother to go to America to become a legit businessman once his father had passed away.
Gloria wanted to save her son from the criminal life, while Viktor took control as the head of the brotherhood. Set straight by his mother, Alexander went to America with the dream to make millions like all of the other Americans in film, stock exchange, and etc. Once everyone closed their doors to him based on his looks, ( because let's face it, he was a snazzy dresser and he spent hours planning outfits for his day to day) he became angry and decided to go into fashion finally to become a designer as well as the owner of a Ponsonby's clothing store. Little did he know it that he'd fall on hard times.
Once he was prosperous and his store was doing exceptionally well, it was vandalized by haters, spray painting racist, and homosexual slurs, its wardrobes set on fire, and the store closing and never reopening. It was that moment that Alexander reached into his deepest and darkest thoughts and became exactly what his mother tried to prevent him from becoming.
What started out as something small, became everyone's biggest problems. It was the shot fired at everyone around the world. At first they thought he was a joke, no one took him seriously, they thought he was small time. But what they didn't know was that Alexander was a Scarface fanatic......he realized that first he had to get the money, then when he got the money he got the power, then when he got the power he had to get the woman, although that was one of the things that came with power, yet one thing was still missing......he hadn't won their respect.....and if he couldn't win their respect, there was nothing stopping him from robbing them of it.
The name Alley Boy Al became a widespread name...for he robbed homes, businesses, banks, everything.....there was nothing stopping him, and it was depriving him of sleep if he wanted something and could not have it. What once was the laughingstock of Los Santos became the jester of all its riches. From that day forward, Alley Boy Al declared war on everyone around him......for he wanted the world and everything in it.....

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