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Del Perro Originals - Racing Crew [360]

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 04:27 AM



Racing is more than a hobby.

It's a way of life.


The Del Perro Originals is a clean racing crew centered in non-mission races. These are races purely based on fun and skill, rather than a super car derby. Obviously with street racing comes a world of illegal betting, vehicle related thefts, territory, and other crimes. So what makes DPO different from your average mafia or MC? We are based on our cars and how we use them in Los Santos. Sure, we still do missions, official game races and so on, but when we are in free roam, our cars represent us.



Currently, DPO is a new crew. There are positions open for founders as well as alliances. Anyone considering joining DPO should visit the crew page here:




or if you have any questions, feel free to add me on XBL:



Requirements to join:

-A vehicle for racing-

-At least 15 years of age-

-At least level 15-

-Good sport (debatable)-

-Working Microphone-



Washington Beach in Vice City during the 1980's was a lively place. Parties, Music, Sex, Alcohol, Drugs, and Racing were only a part of activity there. Over Fifty-thousand dollars went through racers everyday, whether it was from a bet or prize money. A hispanic man named Lorenzo was the top racer around that area. All major races were organized by his gang that took a very large cut from all profits. The son of Lorenzo,Jack, followed in his fathers footsteps. By the age of 17 (1985), Jack had been arrested for wreckless driving twice.


Jack graduated highschool and set-up in San Fierro. He quickly dominated the streets with his skill, gaining many followers and supporters. By 1990, he'd established the 'Vice Import' crew. Many other crews did not take kindly to the beach boy taking their spotlight. Over the next two years, Vice Import struggled to survive with what members it had.


In the year 1992, the remaining members of Vice Import traveled to Los Santos. Fortunately for them, they arrived just before the Los Santos Riots began. They began terrorizing the streets with many others, stealing what they could and preparing themselves (even though they didn't care about reason of the riots). Instead of reviving their crew, they settled down and opened up a garage.


Over twenty years have passed and nearly all of the members from V.I. have died. Los Santos is full of murderers, bikers, corrupt cops, and criminals of all types. The only son of the founder of V.I. now lives in Los Santos as well. Like his father, and his fathers father, he plans to dominate the streets.


Side note:

We do roleplay a bit, similar to many MC's and gangs (IE drug deals, player given jobs).


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