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Fun and Challenging Gameplay Mode

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 03:15 AM

Hey guys. With GTA V not on PC yet I decided to start playing GTA IV again until it comes out on PC, and also wanted to see what new mods people have come up with in the past few years. I'm really glad I did because I've spent probably the last 3 weeks playing lots of GTA IV and it's pretty fun. One thing that always drove me crazy about it is that most of the mods out there seem to be all about godmodes, spawning cars, trainers etc. Am I the only one that hates those types of mods? They make the game way too easy. Sure I'd like to fly around Liberty City with a cap and shoot lasers out my eyes but only for 20 minutes before boredom sinks in. So I set out to make a gameplay mode adds fun and powerful abilities to Niko but also makes the game more challenging. So I kept adding mods and tweaking settings and what I ended up with I think is pretty cool. The gameplay has cool abilities that make you feel pretty powerful but the gameplay is still pretty challenging. I'll recap the mods that were added. First I'll start with the mods that help you in combat through abilities. They make you more powerful and difficult to kill but they are NOT godmode mods.

Special Ability Mods:

Crysis Nanosuit - You get super armor, super speed, super strength (allows you to jump higher etc), and invisibility. The kick is you can only use one ability at a time and only if there is energy for your abilities. So you get more complex situations where you want to outrun some cops but you also want to use super armor because you're low on health but you're also low on energy.

Dead Eye - You get an energy bar, you kill people to fill it up, once you have enough energy you can enter dead eye slow mo and execute enemies if you have enough energy. It helps you survive in this gameplay mode when the odds are stacked against you or you're about to die. You can still be shot while in this mode which is great!

With abilities like that you are pretty hard to kill so I've added some mods to increase difficulty below to balance it out.

Increased Difficulty Mods:

No Minimap - This is probably the best mod I've ever added. It makes shooting enemies more exciting because you don't know if they are just around the corner or not. Cop chases are interesting because you don't know if they are up the street waiting for you. Also you really do learn the city and experience a lot more areas that you wouldn't otherwise. I never thought getting lost while driving somewhere could be so fun.

No crosshair - Removed the crosshair completely from all views so aiming is difficult. And when you're using a gamepad like me it's extremely difficult to aim.

Reduced Niko Accuracy - Script reduces the accuracy of Niko alone and does not reduce the accuracy of enemies.

Extreme Weapon Damage - I've modified the weapon damage so that weapon damage is very high to everyone. This may not seem like it makes a difference, and at first the higher I made it only decreased the difficulty of combat. But after boosted it up a lot I noticed a point where I don't really kill them any easier but they kill me easier (because of accuracy limitations). If you combine that with no crosshair you can get yourself killed pretty quick especially if you're surrounded (death sentence). Sure about 3 shotgun blasts can destroy a car but 1 shotgun blast will kill me even if I have super armor activated so I have to play smarter and not let them get too close to survive.

Limited Ammo Capacity - I've noticed that in combat i end up choosing 1 gun (the best, usually m4) and running through the map gunning everyone down pretty easily. I've limited the ammo drastically so that when I run out of ammo I'm forced to go collect the enemies weapon and use it. I also use it as a balancer. Since the shotgun and sniper rifles are overpowered I limit their capacity to something around 10 shots total. Uzi/Mp5 are like 120 so that forces me to be more precise in driveby shooting. And I think grenades and rockets are limited to something like 2 or 3 max.

No Ammo Display - This makes gameplay even more challenging. Since max ammo is limited I never really know exactly how much ammo is left on me or in my gun. So I'll end up running out in the middle of 4 goons and as soon as I start shooting I'll run out of ammo and get shot to death as I toss the weapon down.

Smart Cops - Cops will notice when you commit a wider range of crimes, not just murder and crashing their squad car. Cops can arrest you if for driving on the wrong side of the road, hitting other vehicles, pushing peds just to name a few. You can tweak the INI pretty heavily. For me, cops don't pursue me for speeding or running red lights. I felt that would be overkill.

Some Drivers Lock Doors - I have the INI file set to make 40% of people drive with their car doors locked. Since the majority of doors are unlocked I will naturally default to wanting to take the fast way out and open the door to carjack someone instead of hold them at gunpoint. That leaves me desperate situations where I need a car but don't have time to shoot the window out or whatever so I'll gamble with a 60% chance of getting the car or have it speed off dragging me aside.

Lose all money and guns on death - After the bank job mission with the mcrearys in the unmodded GTA money seems useless because you're stinking rich and guns really aren't that expensive (wish I knew how to edit prices). I hate always completing GTA games with millions of dollars left unspent. Now you have a reason to manage your money more carefully.

Bank Account - Obviously this is made to work with the setting above. It adds more complexity to the game. Also using Weapon Storage mod to save weapons and ammo

Other mods:

First Person - First person mode is worth another play through in itself even without other mods. It feels like a new game. Sometimes the view shows you headless during scenes that pan out though, no biggie.

ENB graphics mod - This one requires decent PC hardware but if you have it you should get this mod. Again, like first person mode, it's worth another playthrough in itself.

Hotel shootout

Apartment manhunt

It's not often that I die in GTA games especially with mods that allow me to turn invisible. I was playing last night and got killed on a few missions and cop chases and part of me wanted to rage, but I realized the challenging part was actually fun lol. I wish all script mods were balanced and gave you a reason to play through the main storyline again. I'm curious to hear what all you guys think about the gamemode and I use and about mods in general? Do you like the godmode/car spawn/never wanted stuff or hate it?

BTW if people request that i add the actual mod names or settings I will. smile.gif

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