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My Awesome Epic moment

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Posted 22 October 2013 - 03:24 PM

So there I was minding my own business when a bounty showed up on the mini map. I immediately started heading over in that direction (Near Vinewood) and almost immediately I started hearing a massive amount of police sirens and helicopters and a loud thundering blast over and over. As I neared the area I could make out that the player I was after was rolling around in a damn tank.
So after seeing the mayhem the player had caused and the amount of police cars surrounding him I devised an awesome plan. I commandeered a nearby abandoned police vehicle (Van) and immediately called Lester for the Off the Radar perk which in turn makes me invisible on the map. So long as my target didn't look directly at me he wouldnt be able to tell that I was a player and not a cop. 
Having already bought my own tank recently I knew exactly where the entry point on the tank was so heading directly to it. I was betting on the bounty not "locking" his vehicle from outside players. It seems as though some players don't realize that walking up to a player's vehicle while they are in it and holding Y will cause your player to steal the vehicle. Well my bet paid off. As i approached the vehicle I started holding Y and saw my character start to climb the tank. A smile INSTANTLY formed on my face as I opened the hatch on the tank door and delivered a quick punch to the players face as I pulled him out of the tank. I WISH I would of been able to see his face as I got in his tank, backed up a bit, and forced him to look down the barrel of his own tank. BOOM HEADSHOT....$9000 Bounty claimed by FaytalChaos.
I proceeded to kill him several times after the fact just to add salt to the open wounds but after taking a huge amount of punishment the tank finally bit the dust. Here is the photo I took after my epic moment

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