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  • thejack0ff


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Posted 16 November 2013 - 03:04 AM

Bounties are fun, but I think today's bounty survival was the best.


So I hijack a NPC car, a bounty on me so no big deal right? It was 5k and I just on with my business, driving around, gang wars and robbing stores. I walk into a store with a bounty, rob the store and proceed to take off when I get shot by the store owner. He made the wrong decision, the entire inside of his store was on fire (with me inside, of course)


I started SLAUGHTERING cops that came inside. The MP5 and sawn-off shotgun is an epic combo and I got to 5 stars when a couple of dudes roll by the store. They try to barge in but fail to do so (I think the door was locked) and got the idea of throwing grenades at the door. Luckily, no grenades hit them but the bounty hunters started killing each other to fight for the prize (me)


After many failed attempts, they waited for a cop to open the door to run in. I blind-fired kill them as the entered into the shop (free aim works well with this, surprisingly). I killed around 3-4 bounty hunters (some twice) as the kept trying to throw grenades in. Eventually a guy RUNS into the store and throws a grenade killing both of us.


It was the best kill ever, he eliminated around 5 S.W.A.T. members outside as well.

  • j0hn_d0e

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 07:55 AM



Was being a bit of a twat last night trying to spice things up by going for BS when I ended up in a helicopter flying over the Prison.


What the hell I thought - so I landed inside and got out and wandered around...








None of the building were open and there wasn't a soul in sight - no stars either until I was walking back to the heli at which point out of nowhere 4 stars and a million cops turned up..not sure if it was a glitch, but what did strike me, was that the prison would make an epic DM/Survival area.


Anyway - back in the city in a stolen cop car, landed me in LSC then this happened.




Both PV has players in passive mode just sitting there....I though, couldn't get out as the LSC door wouldnt move...Cue a suicide and I land back outside in the street to LSC only to confronted by this




f*cked up I tell ya, f*cked up.



From the thread I posted in the wild forum - please close if required..

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 02:02 PM Edited by M3mn0ch_1987, 16 November 2013 - 02:04 PM.

(rank 93 - no glitches)


Joined a free roam a couple of days back. Got a message that Simeon wants a special delivery... I had other plans. I spawned near fort zancudo as I have my option set to last location. The car's location was around vespucci beach so I high tail it there in my fully mod'd Entity.


Just as im approaching the location I see someone has beaten me to it already and was trying to spoil my fun. I despatch him take the Fusilade off of him and leave my Entity in the middle of the street. I get to LSC as quickly as possible respray it grey and mod it with an ignition bomb! Now time to return to its original thief whilst trying to make it look like I really want to keep the car. Well im en-route to his location when I see on the mini map x2 people in a vehicle making their way towards me. My plan is coming together! People really want to take this off of me.


Next minute I hear beep beep beeeeep beeeeeeep and a rocket smashes into a car next to me. Time for some evasive driving! I get back to my entity and by this time the original thief has moved on a little further up the road, I forget about him and decide the chopper is my new target. I handbreak turn so im next to my Entity jump out and use it as cover. I pull out my heavy .50 sniper and shoot the pilot hitting him and killing him in one shot. Now im expecting the chopper to come crashing down but the pilots corpse is a pretty decent pilot in its own rights and it just floats down. I jump into my Entity and drive a little down the street jump back out and get killed by the pilots co pilot as im getting out of the car.


In the fading screen I see him running... Not at my corpse, not at my Entity but at Simeon's requested car and I start laughing. Is he really going to do this? Please let him do it pleeeeease! He gets in with his pilot friend too, start the car and BOOOOM! Both dead in an instant! Excellent! I need to get out of here cos they are going to be PISSED!


I don't get out quite fast enough and spend the next 5 mins getting spawn killed :D. In the meantime my crew leader has joined the session sees me in a war with two people and gets his ass over to me for some assistance. What follows next is a fire fight that lasted atleast 1 hour. Im not going into too much more detail as you all know what happens.


I will say this though. They called in a third and fourth guy from their crew and another one of ours joined so it was a 3 v 4. Lots of Merc's were called as well as chopper assistance and a couple of muggers. I went off the radar and knifed 3 of them before eating lead from a shotgun. I got killed with a Night Stick to the back of the skull and I spent 150K on ammo half way through the battle. I also blew up a Z type which cost me around 13K IIRC?


Ended on 40 kills to 38 deaths with one of the apposing crew members. So much time was wasted, soo much money was wasted and my crew leader had his cheetah destroyed.


I ended up leaving in the end because my crew leader quit due to cheetah and my other crew member timed out :( We were all on the beach spawning right next to each other pretty much in the water.


Good times

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  • Pelican

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 04:25 PM

At the LSC at the docks, sold a car and was on my way to go when I see a car approach. I hid behind the LSC and waited, not wanting to get riddled with bullets or dole it out. Dude goes in, almost immediately goes out and buggers off. I come out of my spot and decide to go on my merry way when the asshole comes back and tries to run me over. Then starts shooting at me. I kill him and start molesting his car with my shotgun. Though he gets me from afar, I come back and shoot him back. After which I shoot him again and his pall shows up in the same kind of car. Then I have my fun with both of them. Even managed to snipe one of these clowns as they came barreling at me. And this twelve year old sh*t is yelling at his mic in the meantime. After a few minutes they f*ck off and I get the message "Players are voting to kick you". 


*le sigh* 

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 04:39 PM Edited by robotron2000, 16 November 2013 - 04:39 PM.

Last night a friend and I set sail from Vespucci Marina in my boat and cruised around the coast of San Andreas admiring the scenery. Somewhere around Paleto Bay a jet flew over us, but it was too high to see. Fearing that it may try to sink us, I dashed to the prow of the yacht to see if I could spot the plane. The pilot started to fly really low, buzzing us and firing shots into the water. It became apparent that he had no desire to kill us, he was just having fun. I sent a friendly message complementing his flying skills and he parachuted down onto the deck. He had a bounty, but neither of us had any desire to claim it. I guess he figured that two guys in a yacht weren't short of cash and he was safe.


Anyway, he chilled with us for a while and we gave him a lift to the shore, where he summoned a helicopter and went on his way. Nice chap.

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  • SideStunt

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 08:15 PM

The Buzzard Troll Story

Couple of weeks back when I was playing with my friends one of them came with an Annihilator to my apartment's window and then I kept making selfies until my other friend came and annihilated it with a Buzzard but he managed to parachute out but unfortunately hit a lamp post and died.Afterwards he sniped my other friend in the Buzzard and the helicopter simply floated down onto the street then he took it and I told him to fly it up to the window so I could take myself some selfies(he never looks at his radar by the way)but for real I was on my way to LS Airport to take another Buzzard while I kept joking that I was doing selfies, seconds after I flied up to his helicopter and blew it up then I shouted out sarcastically "surprise m*********er!". he raged.


A Lazer Short

Me and my other friend went to the Fort Zancundo to steal two jets and went playing around with them until I accidentaly locked onto him and shot him down then I lost control of my jet and was close to crash it into the mountains of Vinewood but I managed to jump out but not to open the parachute, the jet blew up I hit the mountain, and somehow survived that.


Bulldozer Fun Madness(yesterday)

I kept driving on the highway near the prison until my friend told me that he's looking for the dump truck so he picked me up in a Maverick along with another friend who was in it then we flied to the quarry.We ended up finding a bulldozer, I killed the other friend a couple times with a golf club but we eventually burried the hatched and got onto the bulldozer and kept laughing to tears because of what my other friend did to our characters with the bulldozer.This actually helped me fully increase my strength skill to max and he drove the bulldozer to his apartment in like an hour as we kept stopping because I kept falling off as I kept stomping the dozer to get the strenght skill maxed out.I blew up a couple of cisterns on the way while my friend that was driving the dozer swooped the cops out of the way, funny thing when I was stomping the bulldozer my character locked onto the other friend and I somehow flied upwards and landed without breaking a bone.At the end the bulldozer got blown up because it had been rammed up too much.

  • sexboxlive

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Posted 16 November 2013 - 10:50 PM

Last night I played a Gerald mission with 3 guys from some crew. Everything was fine, one of them grabbed the meth and jumped on a bike with his buddy on the back, and the third one leading them in a Vacca or some bright super car, and me trailing the bike in my Adder. That's when the passenger on the bike decided to open fire on me, so I accelerate and push them into an intersection. The driver of the bike died and dropped the meth, and the passenger is running around still shooting at me. I don't think you can shoot teammates, so instead of shooting back I pinned him against a wall until I was T-boned by the bright super car. The guy on foot threw a sticky on my hood and somehow blew himself up instead of me, and now I'm being rammed and shot up by the bright super car. One U-turn later I grabbed the meth and sped off. I checked my map and bright sports car had gone to Geralds, only I have the meth and I'm already in Sandy Shores. I knew the first two must be spectating so I parked, flipped the bird action a few times and checked the map again. Bright sports car was heading towards me so I continued northwest until I almost hit Los Santos, parked, flipped the bird a while longer till both spectators quit. This is about 20 minutes since they died and soon after bright super car quit too. 750 bucks is all I earned but wasting the time of idiots is priceless

  • muhmuhhuh


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Posted 17 November 2013 - 12:59 AM

I had proper GTA rage tonight. Had a fun night all in all but just as I was about to quit for the night ome guy starts chasing me. He was probably lonely as there was only 2 of us in the session. 


So cool I thought we can engage in a little war like he wants. Only the game then feels like it hates me! He had a bounty on him and when I caught up to him and went to shoot him I got ran over like 3 times on the run. Cops came constantly and kept killing me. But the worst one was we were hidden behind a car each near the golf course. I had my sniper rifle set on him and he kept ducking for about 3 minutes. 


Just as I was about to take his head off he gets lightly ran over so I miss my shot then he gets up and kills me!


I think i made up a few new swear words there and then. 

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  • wanes

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 02:05 AM

Short story, driving my adder at top speed then got close to the highway, i had to keep going but then i hit a car from the side so hard it EXPLODED from the impact.

  • MuucavExiled

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 04:50 AM Edited by MuucavExiled, 17 November 2013 - 04:58 AM.

Playing free roam, I pull up next to a guy in my Entity, beep at him and he gets in some crappy white saloon. I wheel spin and beep again. He climbs in as I go screaming off down the road, amazed that my passenger didn't kill me.
I hit start to set a way point (intending to go to vespucci helipads to grab a copter) and the car slows to a halt.

My new friend jumps out of the car as I drop back into control of the game and he begins to shoot at me from behind the car. Luckily the engine blocks most of rhe bullets and his ambush fails.

I drive at high speed to the end of the block, pounding x to select my precious AP Pistol. I hit the handbrake and spin 180° to face him. As I accelerate towards him, his bullets ping off the chassis. I hit him going around 80mph and see him ragdoll over the car and bounce off of the pavement a couple of times.

Edit - typo.

  • Crapnaut

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 10:39 AM

I was in free roam playing around with the Cargobob.. just lifting some cars and flying around when there was a bounty set on a player rushing north on the highway. I still had a car attached so I thought lets give it a try. Had some other players following him too. I soon approached his position but was still quite high. So when i was right above him I detached the car.. it dropped at least 100 feet. I saw an explosion at the ground and the the bounties car blew up too... yay! Lucky hit!! I didnt collect the bounty for that tho, but that was just awesome fun.



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Posted 17 November 2013 - 11:25 AM

Okay now let me tell you my amazing kill I got a few days ago.

So I'm driving around in my futo on a bridge & I see this dude in the f*cking jet! I automatically think... This guy wants to kill me (seeing he's so close to me)

I get out my car & In my head I'm like "how crazy would I be if I actually killed this guy with a sniper"

...this guy is spinning around & sh*t looking like a bad ass when all of a sudden I half ass a shot not really expecting to actually hit him & I f*cking end up killing this guy!

It was so amazing :')
I ended up messaging him "crazy ass shot huh"

He replies: "you got lucky lol"

He wasn't even mad cuz it was just too amazing how I actually managed to snipe this dude with a single shot !

Detective Phelps
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Posted 17 November 2013 - 12:59 PM

There were these two players (level 32 & level 41) targeting a new player who is level 6. They killed him with everything they had, buzzards, shotguns, and running over the poor chap with a plane. :lol:


So I decided to teach these arseholes a lesson. I got a buzzard, and killed them 19 times. Then I picked up the level 6, and we went to strawberry. The twats followed us in their own buzzard, but I managed to nail a head shot on the pilot, and they both died. 


They tried to snipe me as well, but they made the mistake of going into ammu-nation. When they exited the gun shop, I blew them up with c4, and their bodies flew across the street. :lol:

  • MrMundey


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Posted 17 November 2013 - 01:57 PM

I was driving around Sandy Shores with my Carbonaizer when suddenly my friend decided to put 9k bounty on me as a joke.I headed to Sandy Shore airstrip where i noticed 2 blimps on my map heading my way.I took stunt plane and flew to top of the Mount Chilliad and parachuted to middle of tourists.I decided to wait for a while to lose my bounty but then I noticed that the same guys were coming after me.They were racing for my bounty.Next thing I did was take a parachute from the shack and headed for the ledge towards to Sandy Shore.Soon as they were close by I jumped of the ledge,opened my parachute and started making my way to the lake.While I was parachuting the second guy tries to kill me by using his helicopter's propel.I quickly dived downwards and pulled out my uzi.I kept spraying bullets in to him until i scored a headshot and he was down.I landed in middle of the lake.I noticed a jetboat within 15 meters away.I jacked the Jetboat and noticed that the other guy was right above me as I started to make my way to a canyon.I lost him for a few seconds.After a while he was right behind me with seashark spraying his uzi at me.I made my way out of the canyon quickly as i could.When I got out of the canyon I started to make my way to the beach.He was still after me.I decided to end this with sticky bombs.I Stopped my boat,threw a sticky on his seashark,bailed out and detonate it.I swimmed to the shore,jacked a car,and went home.

  • dewtech

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 05:28 PM

My only decent story was when I decided to go bounty hunting one day. Tracked down a 9k one near the Military base, when I got there he was in a car and being chased by two guys in an attack helicopter. I watched from a distance as he got out of the car and started shooting up at the chopper, so I just gunned it through, mowed him down with my Jackal. Took the 9k and spent the next 20 minutes running from the attack chopper.


Was a right laugh, and profitable too.

  • EyeMacHunt

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 06:01 PM

Just shot down a guy's heli at the docks then sniped him out of mid air as he was parachuting. Epic.

  • 101perry

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 09:46 PM

  From the last time I played:




  I'd just found out how to get a fighter jet with no stars and without my friend being blown up (he doesn't play that much). As the deathmatch ends we both fly off, wanting to do whatever we want. I continue to harass the people who want to get into the fort by using the cannon. I'd swoop low over the marshlands and continuously fire and fly off, preparing for another run.


  There was a high pitched kid on a bike trying to get to the tunnel to escape and I'd constantly shoot at him, causing his bike to explode. Every time I killed him all I could hear was a little kid screaming down his headset and trying to bargain for me to stop. 


 Eventually I let him off, as he halted in the tunnel he put a 5K bounty on me. My response: Jet straight into the tunnel. I blew him up and quite a few trucks from the base. 


 I caught up to him as he was driving off with somebody, who I presume was in his 'crew' as they were talking. The kid acted surprised as I approached, so I sniped him and popped one of his tires. The friend tried to drive off so I killed them. They both left instantly.

  • Ova-Destroy


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Posted 17 November 2013 - 09:50 PM



Jumped of a boat 20 feet above the water...


I died..

  • SideStunt

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 12:10 AM

Today's crazy stuff:
Insane Ocean Boundaries
Me and my friends decided to mess around a bit with the cargobob and submarines but eventually we both ended up being chased by the cops to the point where we stole a police boat and went to the far way of the empty ocean, suddenly dozens of cop cars started spawning mid air into the water with sirens still going on, some time after we were just screwing around in the middle of the ocean and killing each other, funny thing we were respawning in the air falling down into the ocean without loosing any health.One thing made us laugh to tears was when my friend was driving the cop boat and I punched him for funsies which caused him to make his character fly upwards and glitch out the boat into the ocean.Not so long after one of my friends went afk me and the other friend went back, did some stuff such as pick up a crate drop.I went back to my apartment to chill out while he grabbed a cargobob and picked up my other friend's boat.He told me that the boat glitched out and landed on the rotors and went 360 berserk, I checked the mini map and indeed my afk friend's blip was spinning in all directions.Before reaching my apartment, friend in the boat got kicked for idling and the other friend said that his npc suddenly jumped out of the boat stating 'f*** that'.Upon reaching my apartment's garage he accidentaly hit a set of palm trees causing the cargobob and the boat 'merge' together causing the heli to glitch out wildly and eventually fixing itself so the boat is normally hanging, he landed it on my garage.Then he jumped off after saying 'abandon ship!', luckily he survived and killed me :p

'I'm yellow and everything's blue'
Couple of hours after the ocean fun me and again, two friends joined an online session with players to mess around. I stayed at my apartment or either drive around, they decided to climb onto some random building roof ending up with a 5 star wanted level, they asked me to evac them away, so I did.I hopped into my Chromity XF and headed to the LS Airport to grab a Buzzard and cleared out all the attacking cops on the ground and airborne.As they were about to enter the heli one of them accidentaly run into the back propeller ending his 5 star adventure while my other friend got in it.I kept changing destinations due to police choppers closing by, we ended up killing some players and tons of cops and reaching a submarine at the top of the map, he lost the wanted level then I flied around a bit to let another sub spawn and got in it to loose the heat.Minutes after the other friend got the sub fron the same place too and my idea was to reach the crushing water depth.Successfuly we all did but I ended up with half crushed sub with busted out glass and drowned followed by the friend that got killed by the propeller earlier.

  • beanzinapot

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 12:58 AM

Last night I was having trouble timing out of every race I entered, so I went to one of my friends freeroam. When I met up with my buddy, I saw he was on his bmx, so I went to my apt. to grab mine.

When I was exiting my garage, there was a chrome sheriff suv in the way of the garage entrance. I was stuck behind his suv, (due to the garage cutscene) then glitched through his suv damaging it a little. Said sorry and started going back to where my friend was at, when all of a sudden, that chrome suv ran me over!!

So when I get back up, he's coming back towards me. I pulled my combat rifle out and killed him, got back on my bmx and rode off. Finally found my friend, and started looking for some cool spots to hit!

A couple of minutes go by when all of a sudden I see that damn suv again!! He ends up running my friend over, almost running me over as well. He slammed into a wall, got out of his car and tried to shoot me, failing horribly considering I was in the middle if the street. I killed him again, he respawned, got to his suv, and tried shooting my friend this time, again with no success.

This was a repeated process until the guy finally left. I lost count after the fourth time I killed him.

Good times in Los Santos.

  • vince91

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 07:10 AM

so, the other day i was staying at my mothers place for the night. nothing fancy, just a small house at the edge of town with a spare room where i threw a matress on the foor to sleep on.  i work late shifts this week so i got home at about 23:30, my mother was just heading upstairs to get some sleep. perfect timing i thought inside my head.
i like to smoke a fatty from time to time you see, and that night just felt like 'the night' you know? offcourse i had to be carefull not to wake up my mother because if she would have came down and caught me i would have to listen to a never ending rant again. so i took a nice hot shower, furiously soaping in my unresistable body.. clearing the white goo from between the foreskin of my penor and afterwards i brushed my teeth also. while doing that i came up with a masterplan.
my stash was hidden in my car, witch was parked up front. so my plan was to go trough the back door, use the little wooden gate to get to the street and roll a j in my car. then i would go to the back again, sit on my ass in the small wooden shack in the garden and enjoy a good toke.  but no, it didn't go that well to be honest.
so i put on some clothes. my camouflage cargo pants and a black motorhead sweater with a hoodie to be exact. it is quite cold outside you see,  just over freezing point this time of the year. so i make my way to the back door, trying not to bump into anything. and even if i say it myself, i'm quite proud of my accomplishments. i was silent as a dead baby up untill that point. then i remembered the lock on the back door makes a loud noise everytime you unlock it. actually, i didn't remember untill i opened it. 'CRACK'.   great,  i woke up the cat, who was peacefully sleeping on it's worn out fluffy blanket on the couch untill my ninja skills failed me.
so about the cat, it's a white male specimin with ginger stripes and spots who does nothing all day but eat, rub against your legs and roll on it's back only to bite your finger when you tickle it's belly. but at night it's a different story.. it's like a wherecat or something. as soon as the moon comes up that little f*cker goes batsh*t crazy, jumping at things that are not there, running across the room chasing imaginary mice and stuff like that you know.. so offcourse 0.666 seconds after i woke it up it was jumping across a table, nearly missing some empty whine bottles and it slammed it's head against a cupboard while jumping at the shelf where we keep it's food. out of instinct i preform a triple backflip, catching the cat in mid air and i proceed to press it down against it's blanket on the couch and rub him between his ears for a good five minutes or so.. it's a great trick it gets the little bugger to fall asleep. works every time.
good, the cat was asleep again. so i finally went outside. then i remembered that the wooden gate makes a terrible screetching sound when opening it and it's right below my mother's bedroom window. so without thinking my agile ass climbs over the fence in a fluid motion like only seen on tv at the female 'beauty diving contest' or whatever it's called in english. i made it to my car and proceeded to roll up while sitting in the passenger seat. paranoia was kicking in already. i swear i saw the neighbours curtains move i felt like i was being watched, so in a hurry i finished my little cone shaped masterpiece. after all the trouble of getting outside i made it extra spicy offcourse. i went back over the fence, sat my ass down in the shed. finally i could get blazed.
to keep it short i'm gonna skip the next 20 minutes or so. just sat there, nothing special.
so i want to go back inside now.. my hands were already getting really cold. when i got to the door however, i failed to notice the cat was awake again and sitting by the back door. offcourse, as soon as i opened it the little ginger bastard squiggeled itself between my legs and dissapeard into the darkness.  kind as i am,  i could not leave it outside in the cold for an entire night so i gently pushed the door shut and went after it.. but i was to late..  i saw it's tail dissapear under the fence already.
in a slightly less gracefull way then before - losing a shoe, cutting my hand and bumping my face into a wall - i climb over the gate again. but no matter how hard i tried, i could not get close to the cat..  it was tempting me. no, it was outright trolling me. every time i got closer it went a little further, clawing at imaginary flies along the way, dragging it's butt trough the gutter and i swear i even saw it moonwalking for a moment there as i was sneaking closer to grab it.. after a minute or 10 we were at the end of the street..  
then i remembered.. my mother brought choclate chip muffins from the store.  i don't know why i thought of that at the moment.. i guess the munchies were setting in..  so i want back, over the gate, picked up my shoe and got a muffin from the kitchen cupboard. headed back to the street nearly faceplanting myself when climbing that noisy f*cking gate again and i proceeded to throw pieces of choclate chip muffin at the cat. 
guess what.. it actually worked. kind off.. (who would have thought a cat likes choclate chip muffin huh?)  so i managed to lure it near the house again.. but every time i inched closer it would run off again. i swear that cat is a better troll than all these kids here at gtaforums stickyspermed together. so after a while i'm freezing and shivering and i be like..  'f*ck THE CAT' so i went inside and played some gta:o
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Posted 18 November 2013 - 09:40 AM

yesterday I had just deposited a car for simeon in his garage and hid between the metalwork for the lamppost in passive mode whilst I put my cash in the bank, I had a fair few dollars from missions too and had no desire to be ran over whilst on the bank screen..
anyway, I exit the screen and notice a buzzard come hovering by piloted by a level 7 guy, my immediate thought was im going to be pummeled by rockets but he seems to be escourting a friend in a car who drives into simeons garage also and just keeps his guns trained on me.. I salute him and he lands so I decide to board the chopper and see where this goes.. for a while we land on buildings and I parachute off, nothing amazing, but then we go to the airport.. cargo bobs spawn at the airport so I get out and show him how to pick up cars etc when another buzzard joins us flinging missiles everywhere and generally being an idiot, but not a single hit! whilst he's busy chasing my new friend around I manage to pick up a car with the cargobob and after some fluke maneuvers end up above the pain-in-the-ass buzzard, drop the mammoth on the offending chopper taking out his rotor blades and sending him to the deck, oddly the buzzard lands on its skids but the mammoth explodes taking the buzzard with it..
we were left alone for the rest of the session to play car conkers with cargobobs :-)

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 07:27 PM

ok a few stories.


1. one time me and my friend were driving when i saw a weazel news chopper parked in the road, the owner is buying some ammo so i decide to throw a sticky bomb in the back just in case. he gets in his heli and starts to fly towards us when i detonate it and he falls out of the sky.


2. i bought a tank recently and joined a game with two guys level 125 and level 16, so there is a car that simeon wants and the higher level grabs it. i think he wouldn't need that money so i wait by simeon's garage and shoot him thus blowing the car up. 

then i just leave him alone because i'm not a dick and drive off. level 16 comes and sees my tank. he tries to block my tank with a car atleast 5 times and each time i just leave him and drive off.

the level 125 comes back in a buzzard so i put two and two together and figure he wants revenge. 

i shoot him once, he dies and he comes back in  a buzzard so i shoot him again, he dies. i then get bored and leave.


3.  i just completed a mission and was at trevor's airfield and saw a buzzard, i jump into it but a person fires a rocket at me. i swiftly dodge it and shoot one rocket luckly killing him.


4.  i drove around with a tank to see what reactions would people have and i got various results. One guy crashed into me with a titan when i was sending him a msg saying "nice". my tank was not damaged. a guy kept throwing stickys at me so i killed him once. turns out he's determined and keeps chasing me, eventually he goes. 

a guy was going to deliver simeons car but he was chased by two over100s. They killed him and then fought each other. I then destroyed the remaining guy and the car.


5. this guy in a sandking challenged my tank. he started revving his engine while i sounded the horn, he then took off and crashed into me. i then moved the cannon to hit his car and it was funny as hell. needless to say, i won. ( i didn't spawnkill him or anything like that. )


6. i was standing out side my apartment waiting for a friend when a guy shows up in a mini. i look at this guy and he runs up and starts beating up my guy for no reason. my friend comes out and guns him down saving me ( i was getting stunned from the guys punches )


Thats all for now. :rampage:  

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 07:51 PM

Got rather bored waiting for friends to join, I seen the train going by so I decided to see if I could land my Bugatti in the one of the trailers.. took some doing & by the time I did it the car was pretty smashed up. Not the best story like but I've just done it so thought I'd share.

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 08:03 PM

There was going to be a huge Mt Chiliad parachute jump and everyone was going there but the other 15 players were all already on the north side of the Almo Sea where I was back at Vespucci Beach, so I got a Frogger and flew over there but was just too late and my character missed the jump but.... the propellers didn't miss the jumpers... :r*:

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 08:05 PM

Some dickhead was trying to dominate a lobby with his tank so I sniped him repeatedly for a while until he gave up, then I got my tank and my mates got a firetruck each when he went into passive mode and we kept killing him with the firehose and I kept running him over for a while. It was hilarious.

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 08:16 PM

Ok, this was in the early days of GTAO so I was a pretty low rank... I had my 1 personal vehicle and parked it outside a Binco clothes store where I wanted to see some new clothes that I unlocked so I went inside and about thirty seconds later I realised that my car was missing so I look on the map and see that some level 30 is driving it to a group of other players. So I went into game chat and found out that they were going to sell it for around 20K although it probably sold for 1k, so I run all the way up to where they were and see a whole bunch of people and realised that my car was going to be wrecked judging by the number of people placing sticky-bombs in the area so I waited until finally the buyer came up and stood near the level 30 guy and I quickly took out the Uzi and fired three magazines into the crowd and ended up killing everyone and a few early respawners before I ran forward took the cash from the guys body and made off in my car with a nice bit of money and the not so nice 8 players desperate to kill me and take the money...

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 10:10 PM

I remember this one time where I had just finished a Simeon mission and spawned in the alley behind his dealership. I saw a white dot approaching my location. I don't think I was close to any stores or garages, so I didn't see any reason why he would come here. My first thought was that the guy was a griefer trying to kill me. So I put a sticky bomb at the entrance of the alley. The guy arrived in a black SUV, but before he could get out, I detonated the sticky bomb and blew up his car, killing him.

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Posted 18 November 2013 - 11:23 PM

I'm friends with a lvl 12 female who was getting smoked by 2 assholes (lvl 40 and 80), spawn killing and just bring pricks, so i find a nice spot on top of the clock tower and being sniping these dipsh*ts.


After about 18 hits for one and 16 for the other, i felt that my job was done and i could remove my Superman cape, but then they brought in the Buzzard and Annihilator..but, 2 shots to the rotor in the big girl and a headshot to the Buzzard guy stopped that quickly and i was back to it again.


And off they finally run, or so they thought. Ground pursuit with another 6 kills.


A) Why are people such c*nts to female players, especially at such low levels

B) Why are people on lvls so high that they feel the need to pick on lower ones?


It felt good saving someone, but the high from repeated head-shots was quite amazing...never seen heads bust like that so many times.

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 10:17 AM

I find it pointless to put this in the many mechanic threads, so this must go here.


I was trying to get into the military base to steal a jet. I failed and spawned on the dirt road in the marsh. Called my mechanic and asked for my Koenigsegg (Entity XF) so, he drives toward me, past me, and then makes a U-turn and drives it straight into the marsh. "Scratch was already there, right?"


I was like..maybe its not destroyed, because it was not completely submerged.  I get in it and immediately i get the "Your personal vehicle has been destroyed." Great.


Johnny on the spot!

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