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Lost OVER 200k and 6 ranks, collectively

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Posted 20 October 2013 - 11:26 PM

Ever since the 1.0.4 patch came out, this game is so much worse. 

  So to start, before the patch, I reached level 33 and had 418k in the bank.

I got on yesterday and played some missions, gaining 30k and ranking up to almost level 35. I waited until i saw the spinning circle that lets you know the game has saved, then pressed start> online> leave GTA online, which is supposed to save all your progress. I got back online to find I was back at rank 33 and 418k.

  I thought maybe i did something wrong and didn't think much of it. So i made 50k more and ranked up to level 35 and then my xbox froze. When i got back on, I lost all that progress and was back to level 33 and 418k. 

   So i played for about 6 hours after this, and i made 130k, putting me up to 550k, and got to rank 36. I was so sure that i saved it, because i made sure the spinning save circle appeared several times and logged out using the R* recommended method i mentioned earlier. 

   To my surprise, i just logged on only to find that I am ONCE AGAIN at level 35 WITH 418k. WTF ROCKSTAR??!?!?

   This whole time, the only thing that ever saved was my location and the cars in my garage. That's it. I've had enough with r*. You'd think that with the billions they made from this game that they'd be able to pull themselves together, but apparently not.



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