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[idea] Crew Business / GTONext / Assassination missions‏

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Posted 20 October 2013 - 04:29 PM

Hi .

i'm already sent this idea to [email protected]

but i want to see what you think about my idea + sorry if my english is bad :

" Crew Business :
it's very simple .. buying some compaines like Delivery compaines ( GoPostal / PostOP ) or Airline's ( FlyUs / AirEmu )

and by this compaines there will be Crew Jobs

like delivering some requested things ..
and the crew leader have an control of the jobs

like in BF4 there a commander mode make you help your team via PC or tablet

what if the crew leader can control the crew business like commander mode

if the crew bought a delivery company like Gopostal

and a player order some weapons

the crew leader via a PC or tablet make request to someone in the crew to join in the player session and deliver the requested weapons or if the request refused the crew leader can send an AI to deliver it , other players can attack the delivery person and stole the weapons , then the crew leader can send some players in the crew to help the delivery person or send to the delivery person Bullshark testosterone which will help him with a damage boost .

or if the crew bought a airline which the crew get a free plane to do some services .

and the airline job is to switch from session to the requested session

so you can access the airline website and make a reservation

the crew leader can send player from the crew to be the pilot of the plane or pay to an AI to take care of the pilot

and the same thing , other players can attack the plane and the crew leader can send a team of players from the crew to take care of the attackers or pay to Merryweather to take care .

and the same job with taxi companies

and the cheaper companies is Food companies and their job is to deilver some food like eCola to the stores in-game

- - - -

GTONext :

if LCN and Bawsaq like NYSE and NASDAQ

GTONext like Euronext and Euronext merged with NYSE

so if LCN ( spoof of NYSE ) depend by in-game gameplay of SP

GTONext ( spoof of Euronext ) will be the same but of MP

How GTONext will works ?

the companies will be the same companies in LCN

like FlyUs and Airemu

and GoPostal and PostOP

but instead of beginning companies , they will be sub-companies

Crews will be the main companies and they can be any side of sub-companies like be with FlyUs or AirEmu

if my crew be with the side of FlyUs , they name in GTONext will be [FlyUs]XXXX

and XXXX will be the tag of the crew

every crew have a percent change depend by their success in their jobs

but even if they are successful , there will be Assassination missions

The affect of percent change from doing Assassination :

Assassinated Crew Leader - will affect 100% in GTONext

Assassinated Commissioners - Affect 80%

Assassinated Lieutenants - Affect 50%

Assassinated Representatives - Affect 20%

Assassinated Muscle - Affect 0.5%

and like every crew , sub-companies have percent change too

and it's depend by the percent change in their crews

- - - -

AI / Online Players :

Any crew can't done their jobs without having people requesting .

if you have a crew and went to some delivery companies

and your crew have delivery company , without thinking you will choise them .

The business depend by Random event from AI or online player .

but any player with a crew can't request services from his crew . "

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Posted 20 October 2013 - 08:25 PM


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Posted 24 October 2013 - 01:41 PM


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