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Wifi Disconnects and reconnects.

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Posted 19 October 2013 - 09:55 PM

Hey guys, I'm using HTC One. I've a cheap Wifi switch. I.E
It's not actually a router, I need to make a hotspot/adhoc to use wifi in my phone. 
It serves my purpose which is making only my room wifi and it's pretty much doing it. Now I've a problem with my HTC One, my Wifi Seems to disconnect and reconnect almost twice within a minute and it keeps going on and on and on... I also have an iPhone 4S, where no hiccups or whatsoever. 
Okay so I've googled and found this link: 
The problem is, I'm using a Dial Up internet. Every time I dial up the connection ip address changes ( :@ ). So, as I said before I need to create a hotspot, I'm using this program to make a hotspot: 
Connectify.me is sh*t and it won't allow making hotspot for a dialup connection(in the free version ofcourse :p
I've set up my connection in many ways, this is my main window: 
Ok so now I'm referring to sticking to setting the static IP in my phone, so my question is Which IP and gateway should I set in my phone? The one of my Dial Up? or the one of the network Connection 2 ? This is my connection setting for the Dial Up(Main Internet) right now:
And this is for the Wireless Connection 2( the Connection made by Wifi Hotstpot Creator) 
I can't change the values of IP addresses as it gets reset everytime making a hot spot. 
So according to the post from ( http://www.knowyourm...-here-quick-fix ) If I change the IP address to that of router(that is ) it should fix it but it doesn't, in fact if I set the IP in this way:
then the Wifi connects but no internet. 
Please help me out here, what should I do? :( 

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Posted 21 October 2013 - 02:59 PM

If you want, we can connect via TeamViewer. PM me if you're interested.

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