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The problem with being patient on this game.

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Posted 19 October 2013 - 12:05 AM

First off, let me say this. I'm not getting any upcoming games as far as I know. Next game I know for sure I'll be getting myself is Lego Marvel. Next game I know I'll be playing is WWE 2K14. Both games, I know I probably won't be spending tons of time on the online faction of the game. 

Fact of the matter is, CoD and Battlefield, along with smaller but anticipated games such as Lego Marvel and WWE 2K14 are coming out soon. All of those games cater to the casual audience. GTA is a game that's audience is more the casual gamers, not the hardcore gamers. 

If GTA O really wants to keep it's customers here, and I know "THEY ALREADY GOT DA 60 BUCKS", but if they want to keep the DLC selling well, they need to keep the players into their game. 

I can see how players are getting bored. And I understand how some could honestly say GTA 4's MP was better. I don't personally agree, but I understand the argument. GTA 4's MP never intended to be much. Just go around, have fun in an open world, pick up random guns and shoot people. GTA Online is more of a let down because it promised a bit more with it. GTA 4 never promised diverse customization and a massive unique world. GTA O did. Where.. some could argue it does fall short. 

The problem I see is, I don't know if heists will truly be enough. There needs to be alot of upgrades, in sadly short time. Why? CoD. I'm not saying CoD will just wipe GTA clear of sale records and it's players. I'm saying, it will take a good chunk of the players UNLESS Online continues to develop at a quicker rate. And sadly, I feel as though the crappy, about two week issue launch problems held it back a bit.  

I'm not expecting miracles from R*. But I really do hope once they get the patch out, they start focusing on new features as well. I get some glitches and exploits need to get patched. However, the casual gamer will still need a bit more. I was playing with a friend yesterday, who was a huge fan of GTA 4, the SR series, RDR, etc. A huge fan of Open World games regardless of the developer. We both agreed the idea of GTA Online was nice, we disagreed with how it was executed. 

All I'm saying is, patience is going to be hard for some players. While GTA:O, a good I'd say 40 out of 100 players have already got the best interior house and nice cars, it's going to need some more carrots for people to chase. Truly, I'm already starting to wonder where my objective is.I can't really go out and have fun in open world mayhem because of bad sports, and ammo costs, plus hospital bills. So my carrot has already been snatched due to the fact I have my favorite gun, melee weapon, house, and nearly all my favorite vehicles with their proper upgrades. 


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