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PS3 USAF looking for active duty/guard/reserve/retired/separated

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 11:46 AM

My crew tag is "USAF" and is open to any past or present members of the United States Air Force. The crew name is "USAF ATC" however, we are not exclusive to only Air Traffic Controllers (it's a small world) so anyone that wants to wear the USAF tag with pride and represent our crew in the game is welcome to join. The platform is PS3 and my gamer tag is Hojo-88 send me a message or a friend request and I'll get an invite out to you ASAP. The crew does not specialize in any one particular GTA category. We do a little bit of everything and just try to have fun in the game. There are no etiquette rules or anything silly like that... It's GTA... Play how you want. However, when using a microphone... being hostile, badgering, belittling, verbally abusing, use of racial or religious slurs against other players in a public forum will not be tolerated. Little kid talking crap? Let him... He's 9... We are adults, please just keep in mind that you will not only be representing yourself but the "USAF" crew as a whole. As far as gameplay goes... I don't care, you can hack, cheat, glitch, steal, bad sport all you want to with no repercussion from the crew. If doing that stuff makes you happy, knock yourself out, just please don't share loads of cash with other players in the crew without their consent as this can "ruin" the game for some players since their cash was earned legitimately and would devalue their accomplishment.

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