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[XBOX] LS Mafia - Looking for new associates.

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 10:04 AM Edited by VersaDan, 17 October 2013 - 10:11 AM.

Hey Guys,




We want to introduce ourselves! We are the LS Mafia Famiglia, a crew of 1950’s mobsters surrounded by riches. Since there was a massive spontaneous outbrake of crime on the first day of October 2013, we have been asked by to help the local police to fight this outbrake of crime. We have come to the city of Los Santos to fight these criminals and avenge some old grudges.


We do this with our own set of equipment and special associates. To afford all this we need some money of course. As the city couldn’t afford our high standards, we have to deal with some problems in our own special way. If you are short on money, request a job from one of the Godfathers. We give out jobs to members which pay between 9k and 500k! You can do jobs in pairs, groups or just by yourself! The more respected you are and the more you help out, the bigger the jobs you get.


How We Play


We are a very active crew who role play as the Mafia in free roam. We go after outlaws, barons and rival families making sure to “correct” them for braking the law or getting on the wrong side of the Mafia Famiglia. We mainly do this for fun and because it looks awesome.


We have a few requirements below to make the roleplay that more impressive.


Vehicle: Any Mafia Style vehicle such as the Z-Type, JB700, Stinger, Monroe, Tornado or other 50’s style cars.



Suit (your choice of colour)

Mafia Hat (your choice of colour)

Black/White smart shoes


Glasses are optional



This way we look like far more impressive as a Mafia Family




We are still looking for some more active players who can help us control the streets. We want our Family to grow into the hundreds with your help so feel free to invite friends! So if you are on XBOX, feel free to contact us, leave a comment or just join us!


We look forward to meeting our new associates.


JOIN HERE - http://socialclub.ro..._mafia_famiglia


LS Mafia Famiglia

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