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ThePatriotsOfAnarchy (PS3 Only)

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 09:39 PM

ThePartiotsOfAnarchy - Standing up to the oppression


Hey, are you looking to join a crew but somehow can't find the right one? Well look no further, ThePatriotsOfAnarchy are recruiting and we need you!


We are a small group (at the moment) that love to game together, have a laugh and are just awesome to game with. Generally, we just have fun!


We can share tips and tricks to get good money and RP so you can buy the cars and appartments you want. We also go on GTAOnline every day so you will always have someone to play with. We do all jobs regularly so you will always have something to do.


Rules -


Although we like to have fun and such, we have a couple of rules:

- PS3 Only ( Sorry Xbox 360 and PC gamers )

- Don't go around killing us unless it was accidental

- Don't steal crew cars

- Be mature eg. The crew has some 18+ members and I'm sure the last thing they want is to hear some squeaky voice

- Respect your crew and we will respect you


I hope you are intrigued about the crew and are not put off by the rules. Any players are welcome, regardless of level and skill. The only requirement I would think is only use a mic if you can be mature. Thanks and I hope I can make you a Patriot Of Anarchy!





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