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Is there any type of free roam in this game?

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 07:25 PM

This is what has been bugging me about the GTA V online. The game itself is amazing. I love it. But as for the online portion I am really disappointed that there is no place you can go and just do whatever you want such as a free mode. GTA IV had this and it was awesome. I played it all the time. I would get in great battles with people and would be able to do almost anything I wanted.


In GTA V there doesn't really seem to be this option. I understand you can level up to gain weapons and stuff like that. But for me I really don't care to do all these missions and jobs. I just want to free roam. Why is there no spot like in GTA IV where you can just enjoy doing whatever you want to do? I mean I have no weapons right now because I am only level 6 and I used up my original pistol weapon. So I basically have no weapons or anything. So in order to get more I have to do more missions and jobs? I just don't like that at all.


I also want to fly a helicopter or a plane but that is a near impossible task since every time you attempt to get one you get a wanted level. Ill probably get blasted for this post because I am posting a negative about the game but whatever. I just wish they had an option to go in free mode like they did in GTA IV. Thats what made the game fun for me. 


I also hate how the blips of other players on the screen are all white. GTA IV had different colors so you could locate who is who on the map. Also, the font on the screen that they use is really tough to read. I can hardly read the gamertags or any information that pops up because the font is so bad. I may be nitpicking a little but for me its still bothersome. 


Also hate how you spawn in the same exact spot you died or left the game. Thats extremely annoying because often times I am in the middle of nowhere and have no access to a car. 

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