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The BLAM Crew -- An old man club (XBOX 360)

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Posted 15 October 2013 - 11:00 PM

Well, old is relative; in gaming years we are on the more mature side.


We're a small (currently four strong) group of 30-something-year-olds that enjoy playing GTA V. We don't take it very seriously, but we do enjoy playing missions, team death match and races together. We're professionals in real life, so the bulk of our gaming tends to be evenings and on weekends, with activity varying depending on what is going on at home.


We're really looking for people that are on the more mature side and just looking to have a good time. We're not very concerned about individual skill within the game. Although I personally tend to do relatively well in races and TDM, some of my best times with the game so far have involved spectacular, but hilarious, failures on missions.


No need for a microphone or to speak if not interested, but communication tends to make the experience more enjoyable. Then again, I am a big fan of Silent Bob and we all know what a chatter box he is. But I digress.




Please send a crew Invite request via the game (The BLAM Crew) or a friend invite to Warpath X on XBL if interested.



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Posted 16 October 2013 - 12:07 AM

Don't see any way to search for a crew in-game and don't wanna browse thousands of them, but sent you a friend's request.

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