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GTA 5 Online leveling system

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Posted 12 October 2013 - 11:09 PM

More of a rant than anything else tbh, why should you jump upon the trend-setting of this monotonous leveling system?

Personally I find it very boring and restricting towards the gameplay and another thing the missions from 1-15 are barely even to be considered missions they're just a team deathmatch but the only difference is we're treated to reading some sort of text towards you justifying it being a mission! Lazy?


All in all single player is great but you completely lack with multiplayer and don't take into account of people who are not wanting to sit several tens of hours grinding to reach a certain level to unlock certain items and so on (catch up).


Plus in what way does the racing games and rewards benefit scheme work?

Say you have a good racer and he is allowed to race with the custom car (you only win upgrades by winning) of his and he has several wins so he is at helms of owning several of the best upgrades to mean his car wins 9 times out of 10...

What is this?

Keep the good players at advantage and the losing players losing, plus what about the people who've had connection issues wanting to go into races and being introduced into people using these custom rides?


Far too many faults with the online play perhaps bringing out a online mode that doesn't require these sort of tasks would be a suitable answer?

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