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Midnight Money Crew - Xbox 360 - Free Aim Only

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 10:06 PM Edited by GTAOnlineVideos, 10 October 2013 - 10:08 PM.

Midnight Money Crew is recruiting new members for GTA Online on Xbox 360.  It is currently open-invite, so feel free to click here and join:  


Social Club page for Midnight Money Crew


Before I get into requirements, I'd like to talk about the main goal of this crew.  We want to help stop the free aim player from becoming extinct!  I already see the same thing happening in the lobbies of GTA Online that happened in GTA IV and Max Payne 3.  Auto-aim lobbies fill very quickly while in free aim it's difficult to get four or eight or sixteen players together no matter what the activity is.  The only real solution for this is for free aim players to be proactive about reaching out to other like-minded players to band together in large groups.   I just switched out of a 300 member crew because I only found five or six free aim players in my crew over several days.   


The first thing we want to do is get as many free aim players together as possible.  We want to make it easier for everyone to find people to play with in the activities they enjoy on a regular basis.  We want to try to do this before more and more people become discouraged and leave the free aim servers for good.  It is inevitable that some number of free aim players will become frustrated with the empty lobbies and either switch to auto-lock or quit GTA Online altogether.  We want to do our part to keep this number down.


So, for now, this is a numbers game.  Invitations for Midnight Money Crew are completely open for the time being.  There is no age requirement to get in.  I completely understand why most crews have an age requirement and this could easily change later depending on how quickly the roster fills and how everything balances out between the younger and older players in the crew.  There may be some younger players who get weeded out while others who have proven themselves become grandfathered in if an age limit is set.  I find that, in general, free aim appeals to older and/or more mature players.  



1.  You must play free aim when playing with Midnight Money Crew.  

2.  You must be regularly active in Midnight Money Crew.  We don't know exactly what this requirement will be at this point, but we are not looking to be an inactive crew that just has large numbers.  If the crew becomes full, some combination of member activity and seniority will determine whether or not someone needs to be replaced.  We will be fair.  We won't play favorites.  How this goes will probably be determined by the members of the gang over time.

3.  No quitting missions, jobs, races, etc.

4.  No killing fellow crew members or blowing up their cars.

5.  No hacking/glitching.

6.  Be nice, be a team player, and have fun.



1.  Have a mic.  

2.  Recruit other players to Midnight Money Crew.  


We'll take part in any and all activities.  Free roam, deathmatches, racing, whatever.  More than anything, Midnight Money Crew is about teamwork, having fun, and keeping free roam servers alive.


If you are already part of a free aim crew and want to get multiple crew servers going, or just want to find other free aim players while sticking with your current crew, hit me up on Xbox Live or Social Club.  My gamertag and SC name is gunslikewhoa.  


Join Midnight Money Crew

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Posted 16 October 2013 - 12:29 PM


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