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Make Your Own Fun - A How To On What To Do

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 05:49 PM

DISCLAIMER: This isn't me being a nazi and going "DO THIS BLAAAR", but rather a suggestion.

So, picture this: you're rank 60+ or so. You just finished a hearty breakfast of ditch whiskey and Redwoods after waking up in your Vinewood Boulevard high rise. Your 10-car garage is packed with the best cars, all customized to surely be the envy of your peers; your bank account is stuffed to the brim with all your accumulated cash. Suddenly you're hit with the realization: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO DO.

Out of desperation, you call up all your contacts, eager for sustenance, but sadly, nothing interesting. You collapse onto your $75,000 couch in defeat, wishing, wanting something to do. Have no fear, fellow GTA-ite! Your friendly neighborhood forumgoer is here.

I've compiled a list of a multitude of things to do, all from my past experiences. Ranging from fun to downright douchey, these are sure to please a wide array of players. Feel free to add your own, too!

+ You've got the money, connections, and power; why not use it? Run San Andreas from the comfort of home! Coerce weaker players to work for you: jack cars, place hits or bounties, rob stores, whatever your inner crime kingpin can come up with.

+ Tired of the cops and their BS? Grab a troupe of chums, find a bus, and go on a trip I like to call "The San Andreas Tour de Slaughter"! With you driving and your buddies on top, try to make it all the way around the outside edge of the map, wreaking as much havoc as possible. It'd be something interesting to watch on Weazel News, that's for sure!

+ Hooked on an adrenaline rush? Compete amongst your friends to see who can pull off the craziest stunt! Kill your rival by knife-edging low to the ground, have dirtbike jousting tournaments, the sky is the limit.

+ Ever play Jenga? Try organizing a game of reverse-Jenga with Cargobobs and cars. See who can build the tallest tower of (ahem) reappropriated vehicles!

+ Perhaps you're the action-y type? Get a group of friends together and see how well you can recreate your favorite action movie scene. Even better; make up your own insane stunts! With everyone coordinating, it would certainly be something for the highlight reel.

+ Test your combat skills by taking a stab at the Gang Attacks (unlocked along with Martin) around San Andreas. With a team or without, try to see how accurate and efficient you can be upon subsequent attempts.

With a lil' imagination your GTAO experience could be limitless! :)

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 06:07 PM

Might as well contribute. 


A lot of fun things I used to do during Red Dead and IV.


+People run around on a small building holding stickies. Person with a sniper on the other build. The objective of this game is too shoot the sticky in their and blow them all up. Lose one point for missing the sticky and killing the guy.


+Just 1v1 fistfight with your friend on a moving train or a short narrow catwalk


+Going to the airstrip and being chased by your friend in a plane

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