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who here is starting to get annoyed at the massive player killing goin

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 10:24 PM

if you don't want to be ganked (mmo term for being killed by other players) 




Are you new to online games? especially on consoles? kids are everywhere, anoying kids who grew up thinking sensless killing no rp of any kind and being a pain is trolling and skill. even hardcore pc games like millitary sims are not safe from idiotic kids and lonely trolls, hell they are not trolls a troll is smart and funny, not just a pain.



Just join a decent crew and set up 4 crew servers, and if a crew of trolls join just make a new one. or talk to their leader.



Dont worry soon the game will clear up of c*nts, as soon as the next cod comes out most of these boorig kids will leave.

Sadly I agree with you!
I joined a server today and a bunch of kids were talking on the microphone! They were so annoying I had to kill every single one of them one by one, then I left to my crew server :D (Of course I had a bounty on me for 1K but I survived and gave me the money instead :D


I had a 1k bounty put on me, all I could do was laugh and mock the kid for being a cheapskate. Oh no, not discount bounty hunters willing to risk their life for half the hospital bill!



OP, stop being butthurt. Everyone has found this funny but you, laugh more!

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