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Anyone in here suffer from depression?

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Posted A week ago

Yeah. I've had depression for most of my life. I was diagnosed with a rare condition in my mid teens. Depression/anxiety is part and parcel of that.


The past year and ten months has been tough on my mental wellbeing. Long story short, I've dealt with three noisy neighbours and unfair treatment from the authorities for just trying to deal with it. Long term sleep deprivation has aggravated my depression and anxiety. It's affected my physical health too. Reporting it has been stressful because it's just dragged on and on. The authorities are lying about the whole mess. The stress has given me ecsema and the lack of sleep has put my condition at risk. I'm still feeling the effects even if the noise seems to have calmed down. One of the noisy neighbours is still there though.


It's been a vicious cycle. I've tried to go out and enjoy myself but it's burned me out mentally and physically.


This month, I'm seeking legal action for discrimination.

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Posted A week ago

Life long here. Me and my depression settled a pact long time ago. :/

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Posted 4 days ago

Life long here. Me and my depression settled a pact long time ago. :/

You just need to beat the crap out of it and show it who's boss.

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