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GTA V spoils all of our hard work in SA?

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Posted 09 October 2013 - 09:45 PM

When I go to the 'ghetto' area of V, for example Grove Street, it's all run by Ballas.

Ballas seem to be the only gang in Los Santos in V, does that mean Rockstar intended for the Grove Street Families to be wiped out and that the Ballas took over Los Santos?

Why would they do that? I know it's in a different universe (HD Universe) but the Ballas still exist here so why did they prevail?

  • Zonegamer

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 06:10 PM

In a way I'm glad R* took this route, it gives the story some depth and leaves you asking many questions, like what happened to the Grove St. Also imo it's fun to see Ballas in Grove St to mess with. Maybe since it's set in another universe there wasn't no CJ or Sweet so it was easy work for Balla OGs.



Ballas seem to be the only gang in Los Santos in V, 

The Families are a couple blocks away.

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 06:12 PM

Ballas seem to be the only gang in Los Santos in V




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Posted 10 October 2013 - 06:27 PM Edited by DoubleOGJohnson, 10 October 2013 - 06:30 PM.

Grove Street should have remained under Families as a "reward" to the gamers who gave a lot of their time and energy to GTA San Andreas. The fans didn't HAVE to play GTA SA, there were other games out there besides GTA SA, and the fans back in 2004 could have easily not gone out and bought the game, but they did, making it one of the highest PS2/XBOX games EVER. So the financial boost that Rockstar received riding the success of Grove Street and the buying power GTA fans alone should have been enough incentive for them to keep Grove Street the same and Ganton also should returned. Because it makes no sense that Vinewood and Richman came back but NONE of the hoods of South LS came not. Not Ganton, not Idlewood, not Willowfield, not El Corona, not a SINGLE ONE. We should have been "rewarded". Vinewood and Richman were nowhere as central to the story of GTA SA as Ganton/Grove Street were but still return.


I understand that Families lost Grove Street before, but that was when CJ wasn't around. After CJ and the game user comes into the picture and retakes Grove Street it should have forever stayed with the player/user as a "reward" for us helping to sell those 20 million games they did with GTA SA

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