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Ångels Of Death MC now recruiting for the Ps3 Chapter

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Founded by Big Mitch Baker in the late 1950's, the "Angels Of Death Motorcycle Club" have been laying claim to the streets as one of the biggest motorcycle clubs in Liberty City. At one point having upwards of 6000 plus members in the gang nationwide.

    The founder of the Angels of Death, Big Mitch Baker first appeared during the late fifties. His hair long and his hunger for death  insatiable. Using his natural charisma, he managed to bring together old friends and even some enemies to form The Angels of Death MC. Using Liberty City as their base of operations the small gang soon grew with a influx of new members, most of which were young dissatisfied students eager to take on the system and bring down their government or former soldiers returning from Vietnam. Quickly the gang earned a reputation for ruthlessness as it staged murderous purges upon its enemies, mostly small ethnic street gangs in broad daylight. Most notable of these purges was the massacre of twenty members of the Lost by Big Mitch himself, which he was later incarcerated for, for a period of twenty years. After this, the gang's power began to dwindle as their leader languished in prison and its former captains turned upon each other in futile bids for power over the gang.
     When Mitch was finally released from prison, fifteen years had passed and his gang lay in ruins, scattered across the boroughs of the city. Upstart gangs and crime families had grown in the absence of the Angels and now laid claim to whole sections of the city while the Angels territory had shrunk to a four block area. Mitch immediately killed the Angels' former leader whom he blamed for the gangs downfall and set himself again as head of the organization. With renewed vigor and armed with a new found sense of brotherhood the Angels of Death began to reassert themselves as a prominent gang once again. This time, rival gangs were not the only ones victim to the Angels' fury as even police stations were bombed.

    The Angels of Death were on the rise once again and only one thing stood in their way to become the masters of Liberty City: The Exiles. The Exiles had formed and grew in the absence of the AoD and now had a firm hold over the cities prostitution rings and drug trade. And even though the Angels were more often than not on the losing side of any conflict between the two gangs, the Exiles could not afford to lose great numbers of its members which it did in every conflict, usually the result of conscripting homeless off the streets. Eventually the constant state of warfare between the two groups splintered the Exiles into two groups, one keeping the name of the Exiles and the other taking the name of the Hare Krishna Terror Organization.   Other gang conflicts followed the great Exiles/AoD War, most notable of those were the destruction of the Lost  and the Uptown Riders.  Those who did not bow to or join with the Angels were destroyed with no exceptions.  This of course led to weeks of bloodshed and carnage as the Angels cleared their rivals from the streets, block by block. 

Eventually though, the AoD grew too large too fast and a few of its higher ranking members attempted to break away and start their own gang. This lack of brotherhood saddened Big Mitch and he withdrew into the shadows, his current whereabouts are unknown.  His return though, is inevitable. 

Splintered, but not broken, the AoD elected the military genius and former leader of the HKTO, Toke to become their leader. Under Toke's iron fist and with the help of combat hardened  AoD members, the gang truly began to gain complete control over every illegal aspect of Liberty City. And within six months, the AoD had complete and utter control over not only Liberty City's drug trade, but also its illegal arms, prostitution, child labor and vehicle theft.  And instead of smashing asunder rival gangs Toke made them pay homage to the AoD for their continued existence while politicians pay bribes to them for continued "peace and prosperity" within the city.

 Soon the coffers of the AoD was beyond count as millions streamed into their bank accounts daily. Using this money, Toke sent some of his most die hard soldiers and helicopter pilots to fight against the Russians in Alaska and South America as mercenaries. Those who returned further strengthened the hold of the gang over the city, forcing the last of the Italian, Russian and Irish mafias along with the Yakuza and Triads into submission along other small time motorcycle clubs seeking to piggyback on the success of the Angels.  Broken and destitute these once great crime organizations are shadows of their former selves, pathetic wretches who are too cowardly to rise against their AoD masters.

Today the Angels of Death are the undisputed masters of Liberty City.  Drugs do not get sold, no hookers bought and no hits carried out without the knowledge and permission of the AoD.  It's members are the toughest and most loyal that mankind can produce.




Please submit all applications on the AoD GTAForums Thread for a chance at joining our Ps3 Chapter to becoming apart of one of GTA's longest running crews.






Name (Optional):


Which consoles do you play on?

PSN/XBL/Windows Gamertag:

R☆ Social Club profile:

Do you have a mic?

Time Zone:

Do you have any special skills that you can bring to a gang?

How regularly do you visit GTAForums?

Are there any type of members/gangs/clans you do not want to be associated with?

Have you been in any gangs before?

Any entries in your member log?

Anything else you might want to add?


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Posted 11 October 2013 - 08:08 PM


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Posted 11 October 2013 - 08:36 PM

Nice to you see guys coming over to the PS3. Welcome, brother. I would like some association with you guys so please read the message that I sent to you.  

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