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DIAPER - Casual ADULT crew recruiting with 5 simple rules

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  • Zaxvadn

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Posted 09 October 2013 - 06:24 AM Edited by Zaxvadn, 17 October 2013 - 05:49 AM.


Currently all members are ps3

NO kids

NO ghetto/gangsta talk

NO music over mic


NO eating on mic

NO tryhards

Imagine, a server full of people who have passed beyond puberty, don't sound like extras from Menace II Society, AND have the common courtesy not to eat into their mic or blast music over their mic. Imagine these people aren't obsessive min-maxing no lifers that freak out when someone makes a mistake on a mission,. Imagine playing with people like you: Adult casual gamers with jobs, classes, wives, girlfriends, other hobbies, etc. Imagine not hearing the word 'nigga' every 6 seconds. Imagine enjoying free roam and missions.

We can make it happen, we just need more members. We currently have open recruitment to anyone who feels they belong in this type of a crew. Anyone who demonstrates they do not belong will be given the boot. All races, genders, gender identities, and sexual orientations welcome with open arms.

If we can get enough active members we will have orgnaized activities and we will set up a forum or FB page to help people commuinicate and coordinate. We will set and achieve goals.

We just need a few more like minded people in DIAPER.

It's DIAPER time!


Es el momento de pañales!

حان الوقت حفاضات!

Il est temps de couche-culotte!


Het is luier tijd!

To je vrijeme pelena!


Ito ay lampin oras!


Es ist Zeit Windel!


זה זמן חיתול!


Það er diaper tími!


यह डायपर समय है!


E 'tempo pannolino!




그것은 기저귀 시간이다!


این زمان پوشک!


Это подгузник время!

Ni diaper wakati!



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  • Zaxvadn

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 04:30 AM


  • DoubleDownDon

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Posted 14 October 2013 - 06:26 PM

Hey Zaxvadn. Looks like you have a good crew set up.

Unfortunately you have no link to your social club page making it difficult for people to find your crew and sign up.

If you add a link to your rockstar social club page you might get more people to sign up!

Best of luck to you and your crew! Its good to see other mature gamers out there.

  • Zaxvadn

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 05:49 AM

Thanks for the advice doubledowndon, I will do so!


  • Zaxvadn

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Posted 19 October 2013 - 12:06 AM

we're up to 12 people now!

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