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Online vehicle mods questions/complaints

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Posted 07 October 2013 - 05:51 AM

So I just found out that you can't do races by yourself to unlock vehicle mods..

This upsets me, and I know a lot of you will say suck it up and that I should have to be a great driver to unlock mods..

I disagree. I don't like racing and really don't want to race. I have my canis mesa jeep (jeep wrangler) and all I want to do is upgrade it so I can use it in free roam and on missions. I just tried 6 races and lost them all, plus its very hard for me to find people to race with since I'm doing the SUV class to unlock the jeep mods.

So it sounds like I need to get one of my friends and have him let me win. Which is pretty much cheating in my eyes.

I love the game and usually don't bash rockstar like many do on these forums, but this is freaking stupid. Why can't I just unlock the mods that make my slow as$ jeep just a little faster by ranking up or at least participating in a race rather than having to win like 28 races.

Any one found a way around this or any tips / tricks? Or anyone agree / disagree?

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