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Codebreaker, GameShark, & Action Replay (PS2)

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 11:43 PM Edited by BabeRuth, 05 October 2013 - 11:48 PM.

Let's see if this topic can be/get successful, even if you don't own any code discs it would really be nice if you could post some anyway.

You can PM me about some of these codes - I own the following...
- Codebreaker V8.1
- Codebreaker V5
- Codebreaker V4
- GameShark V4.1
- GameShark Broadband( V 5 )
- Action Replay MAX
- Action Replay V 3.16

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
0E96B458 5E1536B5
308892AO 2CO7B8FF
02D779FC 305F4283

97CB1256 21695AEA
8D8OABCO 66181462
8676BO6O F431B460
6E104CO8 BD712EF6
8839OF3D 353EC807

Infinite Money:
CD43867A 19E117E7

Infinite Ammo:
8946A9A9 OEE8E7OE
64A2A3OD 421B8E3A

Zero Wanted Level:
3C31A51A F428C456
5B68AF29 A8E3B58E

Infinite Run:
10C6EE1D 43AFAF51

Infinite Air:


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Posted 09 October 2013 - 02:01 AM




1 Enable Code (Must Be On)  B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
0E96B458 5E1536B5
308892A0 2C07B8FF
02D779FC 305F4283 2 Infinite Health 97CB1256 21695AEA
8D80ABC0 66181462
8676B060 F431B460
6E104C08 BD712EF6
88390F3D 353EC807 3 Infinite Armor 420F6A8E DF25C578
CC13319D A11F227A
940D670B 9B081325
4F3D415A 3F3554BC
BB962577 148961FD 4 Infinite Air 7ED575AF 3EDAECC2 5 Infinite Money BEA7AC3F ADDCFCF2
CD43867A 19E117E7 6 Max Money 31BA3308 6943235F
1C34567C EFEC2255 7 Infinite Run 10C6EE1D 43AFAF51 8 Infinite Ammo-All Weapons 8946A9A9 0EE8E70E
64A2A30D 421B8E3A 9 Max Infinite Ammo-All Weapons 2604CA25 489A4857
21BF50C4 F1B0BDDA 10 Extra Ammo-All Weapons D75FA503 1298FA74
5BA2108B A211DEE7 11 Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (In Car) 12329E3F 5FCDA5A5
90D727B8 52436F15 12 Max Infinite Ammo-All Weapons (In Car) 58344FF8 6FC00166
75668883 14F54C60 13 Extra Ammo-All Weapons (In Car) 00CB830E C156041B
75E8CE0B B02315FE 14 P1 Press L1+Select To Stop Mission Timer F17BC852 41CEACAA
A4D84FAC 0D7D7B1B 15 P1 Press L2+Select To Restart Mission Timer 345AE1D7 9D9EBE02
29C430AF 31309C9E 16 Always Freeze Daily Time EB7240BC 45E29651
B0A4D3F4 65D776A4 17 P1 Press R1+Select To Stop Daily Timer 3A943252 B7FAFD01
EB7240BC 45E29651 18 P1 Press R2+Select To Restart Daily Timer 390C05ED 2B0EAE48
721E0F5F 86DF6F39 19 All Cars Receive No Damage From Collisions C3E3DACE 19E1D87F
C91AC825 3BCA3F80 20 Only Your Car Receives No Damage From Collisions D969E133 EC84F509
CBF54D81 DA6C9337 21 All Cars Are Immune To Weapons FAAB2DA7 DC7B8E2A
7F0B4BC6 02694B73 22 Only You Car Is Immune To Weapons 244B9473 5CB4DCAB
DAE77DD9 617DAC8A 23 Can Not Be Arrested 79A00D60 7ACE19CC
8E321F1C A901D87E
16969017 411CF954 24 Never Wanted 3C31A51A F428C456
5B68AF29 A8E3B58E Always Wanted Level Codes 25 Level 1 8EE9168E 511FE9C2
31E10DCC 6F2C7DC7
9C6034CA 4CB72633 26 Level 2 8EE9168E 511FE9C2
A25C85F3 71ADA214
9C6034CA 4CB72633 27 Level 3 8EE9168E 511FE9C2
F4F36169 D073DFFA
9C6034CA 4CB72633 28 Level 4 8EE9168E 511FE9C2
5C67162C CD075436
9C6034CA 4CB72633 29 Level 5 8EE9168E 511FE9C2
1CCCB943 D61009B8
9C6034CA 4CB72633 30 Level 6 8EE9168E 511FE9C2
88941021 C025C769
9C6034CA 4CB72633 Game Speed Modifier Codes 31 100x Game Speed BDFEA1B2 14C8C907 32 4x Game Speed 0379103B AF284A19 33 2x Game Speed EF4C9188 5F84A573 34 1/2 Game Speed 43F4F59A 2D7A8405 35 1/4 Game Speed 6AA34D2B A6EB60D5 Time Of Day Modifier Codes 36 12 AM 5727DCD6 67AD3F51
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 37 1 AM 513975CF 40E0C680
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 38 2 AM E8771F0F 17A8560E
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 39 3 AM AE853956 CC314ABF
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 40 4 AM 3DE61276 91214B0D
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 41 5 AM D770AA74 97CE6686
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 42 6 AM 598CB34D 3C4DA3FC
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 43 7 AM 1F59F925 26D42210
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 44 8 AM 69EDDF88 841C97A8
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 45 9 AM 788ADC2B 91B8CE26
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 46 10 AM 9A53F98A 8AFE2EF8
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 47 11 AM 14BCE43C A1147F4B
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 48 12 PM 5F8409A7 3FD16245
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 49 1 PM A730DCFE 7846AC76
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 50 2 PM BA5C312B F043511B
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 51 3 PM 8FB868DC ACE4B8F6
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 52 4 PM 1138C2C7 DEDA7C22
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 53 5 PM AA931674 0444FC75
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 54 6 PM BB923854 725D1045
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 55 7 PM ABB13F91 FFB141AF
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 56 8 PM 44C04C9E E6F96BDB
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 57 9 PM 262C5B2B 11D958CA
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 58 10 PM 5EF5349C 09D190BF
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 59 11 PM BE0763A9 D4EAF17C
ACAF4398 5D4B3506 Activate Cheat Codes 60 Perfect Traction DDD39978 1C922F01 61 Pedestrians Have Weapons D6A5554B 94EECAC7 62 Faster Clock 8C349BD9 CE444154 63 All Chrome Cars 28D4335D 8F3C9DB5 64 All Black Cars E3B29AB7 0FCD493E
57E0F053 A638791B 65 All White Cars 65390F33 84E83F3F
76BE26E8 65BB424C 66 Cars Go Crazy Upon Driving 08946083 F560350D 67 Have People Follow You D8658F7F E0F68340 68 Aggressive Drivers CDCDF333 2B2A128A Motorcyle Tire Size Modifier Codes 69 No Tires F28AA42B D9231B88 70 1/2 Size 1CC8CCA5 70FEE537 71 2x Size 6C1962C8 9D6CBAD7 72 4x Size 33DF6D8B 92AEED1E 73 8x Size 0E951A9E 8D11546D

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