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Radeon HD 3300 HDMI to analog TV?

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 01:39 AM

I recently switched to using my integrated graphics on my PC which only has a DVI output and a HDMI output.  I've always just used the S-Video out on my standalone graphics card to run a second display on my TV.  I want to do that with the HDMI output instead, but without having to get a new TV so obviously I need a converter...


Right?  I'm so behind the curve on any kind of new technology, especially with TV and high defintion formats of things that I just wnat to be sure this will do what I want.


http://www.amazon.co...nalog converter


I'm pretty sure that's what I need, but the only thing left I'm wondering about is how the audio will be handled.  Using S-Video out, I would just use a line from my soundcard to my home-stereo's auxiliary input and I'd like to keep that setup.  I got the impression from a setting in my BIOS ( not exactly sure what it was called now ) that mentioned including "HD audio" in the same section I enabled the integrated graphics, so I'm assuming that so long as I don't enable that ( currently disabled ) it will keep the behavior of sending only video signal to the HDMI output and send audio over the sound-card's stereo output?

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