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Every gta online mission sucks!

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 08:25 PM

Jesus is this a kiss Rockstars ass fan club or something? Some of you are giving some of the worst excuses ever for this. If some people said GTA V single player was short, someone would say 'wait for GTA Online hurrr durr durr' but now that online is here the excuse now is 'GTA Online is a work in progress, more missions will be added, blah blah' NO!!! I gurantee the heists will be nothing like single player & the missions will be just the same as they are now. 




And I suppose your a member of the "Entitled, never been privy to a MMO launch before" club??


Heist's and IV style (Three leaf clover) online missions have already been confirmed by both The Benz and Houser at R* to be a part of the GTAO final experience... Don't get mad at us, just because we remember what online bugs WOW/Starcraft had at launch a decade ago and refuse to drink the Coolaid as the other whinny kids on this forum!

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 08:50 PM

I just recently got M madrazo on e phone telling me about gang hideouts on the map, haven't seen any yet, maybe they are missions too, but he definatly said they appear in red areas on the map.

Anyone done these yet?

Yeah, I've done about 6 or 7 so far. You kill about 15/20 guys in a small area and there are 3 crates in that area that you can loot, They tend to contain $500 and some ammo/guns. 


They're worth doing if you pass them but not worth searching for.

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