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Remove stupid ass bad sport and passive mode and put them on passive s

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  • Kromix


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Posted 10 October 2013 - 01:56 PM

Good and bad sport is one of the coolest features in this game. Its like an instant douchebag-punishment. I love it!


You might be able to listen to Jimmy but you sure cant hear him ...


Dont you get it ? its broken and it hurts legit players more than griefers ? its even used a a method of griefing ... not to mention the kick feature ... But i guess you will agree when it hits you as well ... People are like that ...

  • henrysdad

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 02:05 PM

when i played Star wars galaxies there was no PVP or Passive servers. Everyone joined the game in PVE mode. if you 'declared yourself' either rebel or imperial, you entered a PVP mode in the same server, and had a tag over your head.


You would see the PVP'ers all running around killing each other, while the non PVP'ers did their thing, all in the same space, side by side and everyone was happy.


Groups and areas formed where PVP was very active. The same thing happned with the role players who found their own cities and planets to play one, all in the same servers. Yes occasionally paths crossed and you would get the immature type who got stiffies over killing roleplayers (who had to declare to wear the allegence armour).


Then in the middle was the mass majority. Those who went about their business crafting, doing missions, grinding etc. Most people would dip into pvp or roleplaying at some point but it was never forced on you, either way.


It didnt happen overnight and i felt it got really balanced after 6 months once all the idiots and kids had got bored and moved on to other games. That left just serious players. The PVP'er who were left were 99% a great bunch. They would respect the roleplayers and vice versa.


I genuinely wish GTAO turns into something similar as thats the type of MMO im looking for, but currently we are in the pahse where all the kids feel the need to flex their pubescent tiny muscles by griefing others

  • jc20


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Posted 10 October 2013 - 02:13 PM Edited by jc20, 10 October 2013 - 02:14 PM.

It's used as a method of griefing by baiting people into blowing up a car?  At least the person has a choice as to whether or not blow up the car.  Take it away and watch griefers just sticky bomb every player car they see.  How is that in any way better?


Some people will get shafted by the system, but take it away and many more people will get shafted by griefers.  Without any consequences for randomly attacking/griefing other players/car, and the game becomes GTA IV - mindless running and shooting.

Courtesy Flush George
  • Courtesy Flush George

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 02:48 PM

No, Just no. Friends or players need to play together = bigger matches/jobs/more fun.

More fun?  Really?  How so?  I don't want to be forced into a game with a bunch of pansies who cry every single time someone kills them.  Before you know it R* will dumb down the game to their demands even further and strip out things like weapons and cops entirely.

Then those cry babies should go onto a invite only session and stop there b*tching.

  • ShalowGravy


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Posted 10 October 2013 - 02:53 PM

this thread is stupid

  • Johnny_Leyenda

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Posted 10 October 2013 - 02:53 PM

I like the idea of good and bad sports, but the execution was awful. You can get bad sport because some idiot thinks it's fun to kill you and hunt you down, but when you try to get revenge you accidentally destroy their car, same with bounties, why implement a bounty system if the hunted and hunters can't defend themselves without risking getting bad sport? Passive mode also could be improved. But in all honesty if I wanna rob stores I go into a private or solo session. The systems could be unfair but you need to adapt to them as best as you can for the time being.

  • ProGamerGov


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Posted 11 October 2013 - 03:20 AM

this thread is stupid

What's stupid, is that we don't have the option for PvP friendly free roam.

  • riksterinto


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Posted 11 October 2013 - 04:32 AM

I don't think the system is all that bad after getting used to it.  When I received the first few warnings I was a little bit pissed that I was being labelled a bad and worried I would be stuck on the loser servers.  I have now received probably 1 warning each day and still have not been put into a bad sport server.  I have only destroyed someone else's car it in self defense and a couple of times by accident.  I think as long as you aren't destroying other player's cars intentionally several times a day then there is nothing to worry about. People who like to do that deserve to be stuck on the loser servers together.

Doesnt matter
  • Doesnt matter

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 11:40 PM

The real problem is these idiots just wanna kill you destroy your property and not pay your hospital fees go in DM I hate how sometimes before I can bank cash I get spawned into a car crash fest with all the kids who then start to insult me...

 To all you people like this. Gta has private servers if you dont want to get killed by random people go play by yourself. The whole point to online is to play with other players killing them and causing chaos. What ever you want to do. If you dont like playing with other people and how they play dont play with them simple as that. and if you really are saying people are dicks by killing me and blowing up my car look at what game you are playing (gta is not the game for you). The bad sport system is by far the stupidest thing i have ever seen in any video game ever period. especially in a gta a game where you are suppose to go around kill things blow things up cause mayhem and f### hookers. like the one guy said about red dead redemption all you have to do is leave and find a different lobby (filled with other pansies and cry babies) that that is such a simple and effective fix even beyond that you dont want to get killed by other player go play story mode where it is impossible to be. for Christ's sake its a video game i bought i to play with my friends now i cant.  I blew up my friends car a few times completely by accident he didnt even care. the next thing i know i got a klan hat and i cant play with him. now i have to wait 4 days till we can be in the same lobby.


and to all you people saying we are lazy all we have to do is invite them you are retarded and lazy you typed before you knew your facts bad sports can only play with bad sports and if you insist on being right go and die


p.s. to all you who talk crap about my grammar and spelling this isnt english class. the point of this isnt proper language its to convey the problems that are going on. i typed this really fast while in rage mode

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