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Camping in GTA V - The Revival!

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  • 2spooky4u

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 11:34 PM

So many of you may remember the original thread about camping in GTA V where the idea came out about some camping. Now, why don't we revisit it 



QUOTE (PSN-Blackhawk_1989 @ Saturday, Jul 13 2013, 00:37) There are two Motorhomes in GTA V so far.
You can also go hunting and scuba diving.
When the game comes out I'm going to start an XBL camping game, shoot me an email ([email protected]) if you're interested, we're going to do all of the above and more, heres my plan.


DAY ONE (yes, an in-game day)
•Meet up at Michael's house, park in the lot, get ready.
•Bring as many RVs as needed, but not too many (none over 6)
•Stop to pick up Snipers, and pistols in case we need them for unruly players
•Stop in Rural Blaine County.
•Hunt some deer, maybe do some late night swimming at the beach/lake.
•Go for a drive possibly.

•Wake up, get some deer. We're going scuba diving.
•Take the people in crews (we can only handle so many people at a time)
•While 1 crew of 1 full rv is gone, we will pick up more deer and some ammo and drive around, do whatever you want except stray from the camp and drive
•We will arrive at Vespucci Beach
•Take Vespucci Canal roadways to the beach, make sure we've hitched a boat (Should be completed on Day One)
•Take the boat to Vespucci Beach, have one man drive the RV back (We will give him something in return)
•Get into the boat.
•Take turns scuba diving, try looking for stuff and fishing if you can.
•Come back.
•Next crew.
•After all crews are done, come back, shoot some deer, drive around Blaine County. Do whatever until daybreak.

•Wake up, kill some deer. We're going hunting all day.
•Go drive around, find some sniper rifles.
•Pick up sniper rifle ammunition, drive to some secluded place.
•By the way someone needs to stay at camp.
•Take our guns, and get outside at secluded place.
•Have a contest - whoever gets the most deer by the end of the day wins something IDK
•Shoot deer and other game
•Come back to camp
•Do whatever

•Do whatever until morning

•Return back to Michael's house


Now that we've revisited it and I hope you read it, we can finally put our plan to action! 

Much like a heist, there are many stages. 


First stage: 

• We need some people to get RVs for us. We figured that they're in the countryside, so you're going to hang around Mount Chilliad or anywhere that has a high spawn rate for RVs. 

Second Stage:

• If you can drop your weapon (which I know you can) we will have someone go to AmmuNation and buy us guns and ammunition. (For that, we get him a nice sports car instead of a sh*tty RV!) 


Third Stage:

• Scuba and boats will need to meet us underneath the railroad bridge in Blaine County. 


Fourth Stage:

• Off We Go! 


Now we also have a crew. 

Click the C! 

  • UsedFloppyDisk

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 11:43 PM

Are there even wild animals in Online? Have not seen any...

  • 2spooky4u

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 04:50 AM

Are there even wild animals in Online? Have not seen any...

Regardless of if there's wild animals or not - we can go People Hunting! 

  • Tsori

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Posted 05 October 2013 - 09:52 AM

No Animals

No scuba.

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