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Easter Eggs in GTA V - Updated and New!

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 08:52 AM Edited by AnEvilVet, 04 October 2013 - 07:49 AM.

Grand Theft Auto V – Mysteries and Easter Eggs
HI all, here is a summary of what we've found in GTA V, started from the "Jetpack hunt" thread.
Special thanks to WrathChildz for creating the initial formatting of this list!
First of all, some rules


If you find an egg, show us with a map and pictures


If you have a theory, please try it before posting it.


Please don't quote quotes of quotes.



Things we know :
At various area in the game world there are Glyphs. These are markings in either red or yellow paint that provide information to the player. The glyphs show under what conditions that UFOs hidden in the map will spawn.
The majority of the markings are on the western side of Mount Chiliad. The mural in the cable car station at the summit of Mount Chiliad indicates where these glyphs are to be found.
A glyph has been found in the Grand Senora desert that links a UFO appearance to the Sculpture Park that appears in the south east of the desert.
The Glyphs also appear inside and on the bottom of the hill below the Altruist Camp. In fact, they appear here so prevalently that the Altruists are believed to have painted them.
There are four known instances of UFOs appearing within the game.
A crashed UFO is underwater of the northern coast of the map, slightly east of the islands on the northern tip. It is believed to be the spaceship that Omega refers to when he says one exploded and scattered spaceship part collectibles around the map.
On Mount Chiliad
What is believed to be a hologram of a UFO appears at the top of Mount Chiliad at 3 am on a stormy night when you have completed the game 100% (not true 100%). It is believed to be a hologram as it does not react to bullets or explosions and disappears if you get too close. However, it is unknown from where this hologram is projected although it is possible that the Movie Studio in Vinewood is related in some way.
The glyphs on the western side of Mt Chiliad state the conditions for this to appear and further clues including a UFO shaped glyph under the viewing platform at the top and a sign on the far side of the platform stating "Return when your story is complete" also show conditions to make this UFO spawn. It is likely that this is a government made or MIB style UFO as it has FIB (the in game FBI) written on it.
The conditions for it to appear are -
100% game completion
It is raining
It is 3am
Above the Sculpture Park
After completing the game to 100% (not true 100%) a UFO spawns above the Sculpture Park in Grand Senora. This is the same model used for the crashed UFO and the Mount Chiliad UFO (as well as used within some cut scenes within the game) but it is a physical object within the world. It is currently impossible to enter the UFO.
Above Fort Zancudo
At 3am, a strange green light forms a shape on top of a bunker within Fort Zancudo. This shape is similar to one found on front of a building in San Andreas. This light is cast by a UFO that looks significantly different to the other models on the map. It is likely that this is a prototype for an advanced stealth plane based upon technology recovered from the crashed UFO (one mission tells you about a submariner who was hired to collect something from the bottom of the sea only to die in a freak 'accident' shortly after). Upon this UFO is written Rearrange and Segregate. If you rearrange the letters in the word segregate it makes Easter Egg. This UFO cannot currently be entered.
At 11pm-12pm on Mt Gordo on the eastern side of the map, the ghost of a murdered woman appears floating above the word Jock written in blood. She is the ghost of the ex-wife of Jock Cranley, the Vinewood Stuntman turned Conservative candidate for Governor.  This is shown on the ingame website www.whokilledleonorajohnson.com
During a mission called Predator, you have the opportunity to view people in a forest using a thermal camera on a helicopter. Very briefly, the distinct heat signature of Bigfoot appears before disappearing. In a later mission after the main story arc is complete, you get to bump into someone pretending to be Bigfoot, a reference to a mission in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare add-on, where you make the Sasquatches extinct.
Infinite 8 killer
Around the Gran Senora desert and Sandy Shores are numerous wall writings from someone dubbed the Infinite 8 Killer. It's believed to be a former resident of Sandy Shores called Merle Abrahams who became obsessed with the number 8 and the Ouroboros symbol for infinity. His drawings and writings have led players to believe he has murdered 8 people as part of a ritual and dumped the bodies in the ocean surrounding the islands on the very northern tip of the map.
Learn more HERE
Thelma and Louise
Travel to the location above between 7pm and 8pm every night and you will see a great reference to the ending of the film Thelma & Louise.  The protagonists car is at the end of the cliff face opposite and there will be a number of police cars and a helicopter behind it. As a police officer slowly walks towards the car it suddenly drives forward and off the cliff.






In the LS River at night time (exact time unknown) you can see a drag race take place.  This refers to the drag race that took place in the LA river in the film Grease.

At the beginning of the game, you're in a Northern US town of North Yankton escaping from the police. Take a detour offroad and drive along the frozen stream under the bridge. Frozen in the ice of the stream is an alien, similar to those seen later in the main storyline.
Secrets on the Special Edition Map
If you bought the Special Edition of GTA V you got a nifty blueprint map with it. Hold this under a UV light and you will see Trevor Phillips has written some helpful hints. The markings and writings highlight some of the collectible weapons, spaceship parts, letter scraps and submarine parts within the game world as well as showing where some of the military vehicles are kept. Unfortunately, the map does not indicate anything further.
Things we aren't sure of :
Mount Chiliad mural
In the cable car station at the summit of Mount Chiliad is an odd mural that seems to indicate a series of hidden passages within the mountain that lead to a UFO, a Cracked Egg and a Jetpack.
Notice the Jetpack & UFO are connected together. Why ? We don't know
There are a number of squares that contains X's above the symbols for these three items and above the summit is a Glyph that has been seen before referring to a UFO.
The shape of the mural is a reference to the Illuminati pyramid and All Seeing Eye which is found on US currency. The boxes containing Xs mark the locations of a number of the glyphs found on the western side of Mt Chiliad, as mentioned above.
It is unknown what relevance the symbols at the bottom of the mural have as no jetpack or cracked egg has yet been found. It is possible that each symbol refers to one of the three flying UFOs found around the map.
On Mt Gordo slightly north of the quarry there is a cabin next to a radio tower. At certain times of day you will find a civilian in a workman's outfit accompanied by a number of men dressed in suits and shades with a black van nearby.
At certain times of day, you will see at least one civilian in a lab coat accompanied by a number of the same suit wearing civilians around the radio telescope array in the desert area of the map. These are believed to be FIB agents and seem to indicate a darker hidden backstory to the telescope array and towers. No other sightings have been found, but it can be noted that one of the radio telescopes points towards Fort Zancudo, maybe it's locked on to the UFO there?
Underwater Hatch
On the eastern side of the map, underwater is a white structure set into the sea bed. There is a small rectangular window set into the top of this, which lights up when the player draws near. This is believed to be a reference to a structure called The Hatch in the TV show Lost. However, this structure was in the jungle in the TV show and not at the bottom of the sea. The purpose of this structure, if any, is unknown.
It is believed that a tapping sound plays when you approach the hatch. This has not yet been proven.
As in GTA San Andreas, the Epsilon cult (a spoof of Scientology) exist in the game world. In fact, you can even do missions for them which can result in you gathering ten 'tracts' (religious documents) for them. On the GTA Social Club stats page, there are apparently 15 tracts to collect, not the ten advised of within the game. It is unknown if further tracts do exist or whether or not Rockstar have made a mistake in the stat or have released a hint at further DLC or GTA Online.
The Epsilon Sect and the Illuminati may well be considered one and the same within GTA V. There are numerous references around the game world of structures forming the shape of an eye, referencing the All Seeing Eye of the Illuminati as well as of Pyramids. The Epsilon sect has their symbol on the San Andreas state symbol, much like the Illuminati do on US currency.
It is unknown whether or not the Epsilon/Illuminati have any other impact on the game other than the set missions or adding a general feel to the environment.
Unproven items and fakes
Jetpack photos
Any photos of characters wearing a jetpack are to be considered fake unless accompanied by a location the jetpack was found, video footage and multiple photographs at different angles, as well as confirmation from other sources.
Tunnel in Mount Chiliad
There is a tunnel through the mountain the Altruists reside on as you drive towards the Altruists. This contains two doors that say T01 and T02. These doors are standard textures/objects that seem to appear in all tunnels and have no significance. The keypads reported on the doors that spark when shot react the same as any type of electrical equipment in the game.
There are also pictures of what is believed to be another access point within the area of the mountain, what looks like a large storm drain that leads to a T junction. This is inaccessible at the moment and so is not believed to have any relevance as an entry point but just serves as a drainage channel.
A video has been doing the rounds of a 'numbers station' and weird noise playing at a certain point in the sea in the north west of the map. When played through a decoder, this has given a picture of a HUD of an Apache gun camera. This has not been further verified by any player and is considered to be fake until proven otherwise.
Waterfall tunnel
In the northern of the two water courses that lead west out of the Alamo Sea there is a waterfall, behind which photos have shown the possibility of a tunnel. This tunnel just can't seem to be accessed at all so is likely a texture glitch unless proved otherwise. NB It may be possible to block this particular waterfall with a log seen near to the top. This has yet to be tried.
Areas of interest
There are many areas of interest within the game world that you may miss completely or simply ignore. Here is a non-definitive list
Fort Zancudo
The two outdoor theatres
The dams and reservoirs
The Quarry
The Telescope Array
Grove Street
-Anything related to the space docker (Honk at the door, near the ufo etc etc..)
- Put heavy vehicules over the UFOs
- Overlay of the Mt.Chiliad Mural on the map seems to lead to nothing. This one is the most positive ATM even if we don't have found any jetpack
- Calling the number with the elevator song while in front of the Zucando -1 Elevator don't open the doors
- All tunnels under Mt.Chiliad seems "locked" or too small to fit in.
-Calling Omega during the UFOs sightings or take a picture to send him doesn't work (We can't send picture off mission)
-The glowing tree (aka golden tree) is a texture bug.
-The glowing UFO shape on a hillside is a texture glitch.
Please note - Easter eggs are just fun little things to discover and enjoy for the sake of them being there.  Rockstar have not spent the years of development in this game making a hugely elaborate scheme just to hide a possible object.  Do not take this too seriously.
Some locations in the Single Player map are accessible because they are required for missions in GTA Online, eg the Fort Zancudo Control Tower and elevator.  Just because you can access it does not mean it is relevant.
GTA V will be absolutely full of references to popular culture, including their own games.  There are references to Rockstars own games, popular books, films, radio shows, music, etc all made subtley throughout the game.  The only references that will be laid out in this guide are those which are physical and time based, eg the Thelma and Louise egg.
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Posted 03 October 2013 - 06:23 PM

found a sixth body underwater today.

see picture in twitter link for location






if this has already been discovered then big up guys!! if not then yay lol.

i dove around for quiet a while near the islands as all six bodies where close to the islands (thrown in from land probably) but couldnt find a seventh one. there are some islands very close to the deep deep gorge in the northwest, so it might be the final victim slipped down that gorge and is deep deep on the bottom of the ocean, havent checked that yet....

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 07:01 PM

Great stuff, there are loads of other ones, I'm compiling my own then after I get 100%, I'm testing everything, I'll add here after. Youtube has some good finds. 

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 09:20 PM


"For when the great scorer comes write against your name, he marks not that you won but how you played the game"




might just refer to the psychological resumee you get when finishing the story

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 09:51 PM

found a sixth body underwater today.

see picture in twitter link for location
if this has already been discovered then big up guys!! if not then yay lol.

i dove around for quiet a while near the islands as all six bodies where close to the islands (thrown in from land probably) but couldnt find a seventh one. there are some islands very close to the deep deep gorge in the northwest, so it might be the final victim slipped down that gorge and is deep deep on the bottom of the ocean, havent checked that yet....

The bodies can be moved so the water physics may shift them slightly from any areas shown on videos.

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 09:55 PM

B. J. Smith recreation Center and Park in V. 

This is B J Smith


So that's a mini easter egg...

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Posted 03 October 2013 - 09:57 PM


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Posted 03 October 2013 - 10:18 PM

Ill post if Ifind it, but I'm not doing all that. I shall give one or two pics but ill simply narrate how to get it. I'm sure it will be obvious who is lying and who is sincere.

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 08:22 AM

Post 1 updated

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 08:26 AM

this is awesome bro! thanks for sharing

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 10:25 AM

where is the waterfall tunnel? Can u post a exact location?

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 10:45 AM

where is the waterfall tunnel? Can u post a exact location?


Roughly where I've circled below -


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Posted 04 October 2013 - 10:55 AM

tapdancing redneck next to a ghettoblaster and bacon 



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Posted 04 October 2013 - 11:01 AM



lots of easter eggs here

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Posted 04 October 2013 - 01:00 PM

I Just thought of something about the hatch, In GTA IV a website hosted by a conspiracy nut who used too have a talk show in San Andreas said that he made a hatched-bunker in the desert to avoid Y2K, Maybe this is an Easter egg by Rockstar kidding about the possibility of the rest of San Andreas sinking.

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Posted 19 December 2013 - 01:31 AM

I'm not normally one to bump dormant topics but I haven't seen anything about this yet. 


I've been whizzing around the map in creator mode and found two symbols I haven't seen mentioned yet. If someone has already brought these up, ignore me. 


At the altruist camp, on the water tower, there's a sun symbol in yellow paint - a full sun, with radiating lines:





At a barn in Grapeseed, there's a similar sun, only it appears to be setting, not a full sun:






Have these been mentioned before? I'm pretty sure they're nothing to do with the jetpack that doesn't exist but I thought they might be of interest. Something tells me they mean more than just 'it's good to look at the sky from here'. Are there any more of these, with the sun in other states?

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