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Optimal display settings for PC version?

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Posted 01 October 2013 - 08:07 PM

This morning I searched Yahoo and Google on GTA IV's display settings, and, I got to read various discussions from 2008, shortly after game's launch and these discussions were all about consoles and TVs.

One old Gamespot thread for example, suggested to set brightness, contrast and saturation equally to TV's settings.


How do you go about optimizing display settings for the PC edition of the game? Of course, all monitors and video adapters vary, just like TVs.


What would you recommend as best display settings on PC? Max brightness? Max contrast? How to go about saturation?


To this day, I've played with defaults, detail and view distance being at 50. This way the game looks more real and doesn't become blurry when I max out brightness or too colorful when saturation is at max.


Some days ago, I played the mission "Shadow." And I couldn't see the door that lead to an apartment building where drug dealer goes. So, I started to experiment with display menu. When I adjusted contrast to the max, I could see everything more clearly.


Putting brightness at max, made game too bright and I couldn't distinguish roads at a bright day.


Putting saturation at max, made the game look really weird and cars' lights became glowy and sh*t.


I have noticed that brightness and contrast need to be balanced. No matter how high or low I set them.


So,yeah, what would you recommend for optimal display settings on PC?

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