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GTA Online Screenshots: Show Your Character

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Digging the new jackets this update added. 


Also I guess I should use this opportunity to let people know voting has begun in the Mr Los Santos contest. My entries can be found here and here. If you like them, consider giving me your vote. :cool:


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Want to present some snaps from my entry for Round 2 of Mr.Los Santos 2017 Contest.

Check out my entry and share your support (if you like it of course)!
A full story about child's dream (country boy at heart), common business with Avon Hertz and order for Deluxo, life moments and more you can find here.




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Posted 39 minutes ago

Hi guys, please head over to Mr.Los Santos, I would really appreciate some support from you guys.....

Here is my round 2 entry....

Luke Lopez
Super Homie
LL Cool L (Lucas 'Luke' Cool Lopez)
Round 2 - Fight!
THEME 1 - Being in a Gang
What does it mean to be in a gang? brotherhood? Friendship? loyalty? or just some people to back you in beef. Whatever your motives, looking like a team is a big part of it, thats no different when it comes to the hood and gang-bangin'. Grove Street Families show their alliance with green colours.
Its a typical day in the hood for LL, chilling at the crib with the homies tryna beat each others score on Go Go Space Monkey. Hittin blunts and drankin 40s. We have a Feud Baseball sports jersey with green trimming and font, basketball shorts and no outfit in the hood would be complete without some OG house shoes, there are cheap, comfortable and quicker to throw on than Chucks when its go time.
Anyone who sees LL, knows he reps GF 4 Lyfe!
Changeable accessory: Green Cap 


THEME 2 - Down on your luck
When you are down on your luck you may do things your are not proud of, sometimes that can be getting on your knees behind a dumpster, other times its hitting up a liquor store for quick cash..drastic times calls for drastic measures...but sometimes the universe has a way of kicking you when you are down...
Here LL knows what he is doing, gloves so he does not leave fingerprints, plain white T shirt, jeans and of course some blue chucks. LL kept it simple and generic here so that he wont be easily identified by police, sometimes its good to blend in cos nothing gets you caught quicker than dressing up in a bright zebra print blazer, no shirt and boxer shorts.
Changeable accessory: Makeshift brown paper bag mask

THEME 3 - Personal Outfit
A student on a full sports scholarship at ULSA means LL has to train and keep in shape. He plays for the school's Basketball team, Ice Hockey team and wants to try out for the football team this year. His powers mean he can dominate any sport but he holds back to not raise suspicion. He makes time to use the sports facilities doing sprints, HIIT and some weight training.
He brings his BeatOFF headphones so he can bump that old school Forth Right MC, he also has on a light training tank top from when the ULSA won the championship, black sweatpants and hightop AirHeat 5 sneakers.
Changeable accessory - BeatOff headphones

Thank you LiveJoker for the extension
I would like to apologise for my late entry and unfinished round 1 entry, sh*t has gotten hectic IRL and I barely had time to play let alone make a worthy entry to the comp, I was going to pull out but I somehow just make it to this round. I didn't want to post a lame entry because I like this comp and I respect the time and effort the organisers, judges and participants put into it, I didn't want to seem like I didn't care.
Good luck to everyone, I hope those involved enjoy my entry....I will finish my round 1 entry as well...
Love from SuperHomie

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Posted 37 minutes ago

It's almost that time of the year again. :santa:



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